2 ways to get BMW F22 NBT Navigation map FSC code

To update BMW navigation map system, FSC activation codes is required. Follow are two ways to get FSC code for BMW F-series F22 (only applied to NorthAmerica NEXT NBT navi)

What you need:

1) NorthAmerican NEXT maps

Different BMW head units use different maps, like MOVE, NEXT etc, here we specially work on NorthAmerican NEXT maps (you can check from iDrive to see your car is running in NorthAmerican region and maps type is “NEXT”)


2) At least 32 GB flash driver to save the FAT32 formatted update files

3) You need an FSC activation code.

There are two ways to get FSC activation code:

1 Using BMW Navigation map FSC Code CIC NBT Calculator software

There is a BMW NBT&CIC Navigation map update calculator which allows us to read FSC code for both for NBT and CIC system. The software can be only works on Win XP 32 bit operating system. To use the software, you need additional USB dongle.


2 Using ENET (Ethernet to OBD) E-SYS cable

ENET cable with E-SYS software is designed to code BMW F- series. E-sys coding software is capable of generating FSC code as well. Follow these steps:

Connect the ENET cable with vehicle

Go to “FSC extended”

Enter “Diagnostic Address 0x63”

Click “Identify”

The Base variant should show “HU_NBT”

Enter “Application ID 0xDE (for NBT)”

Enter “Upgrade Index 0x1”

Move Store FSC from the left to the right ->

Click “Read”

Click “Save” and store the file as “DE.fsc”

The software will display a command prompt window and execute as follows

“nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x06 <7DIGITVIN>”

Then E-sys will generate your FSC Activation Code for the upgrade


Keep in mind this FSC Activation Code is only good with this Region/Year set of Navigation Updates. You will need a new one every time you perform a new upgrade.

4) Run output file from previous steps without any changes on NBT.exe (i.e. nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x06 <7DIGITVIN>)

Downloaded the 2015-2 software via Internet

NorthAmerica-NEXT-2015.02 Navi


Copied new map to 32GB thumb drive

Insert thumb drive in car USB while car is powered on

Software load begins automatically

Enter new NBT generated code using iDrive input (be sure to hit OK when done input)

Software took about 40 minutes to load

This is from OBD2 Diagnostic Tool website technical support: 2 ways to get BMW F22 NBT Navigation map FSC code