3 Steps to do BMW F30 Start Stop Coding by ESYS ENET Cable

Here share with you a cheap DIY solution for BMW F30 Start Stop Coding. Only need a €15.99 BMW ENET Coding Cable and E-SYS software! You can activate Start Stop or deactivate it, both OK.


First, free download BMW E-SYS 3.29.0 or E-SYS 2.38.1:


Next, get a cheap BMW ENET Cable and use it to connect BMW F30 with E-SYS software.


Now, you are good to go!

How to do BMW F30 Start Stop Coding by BMW ENET Cable?

Step 1

Open ESYS program, click the “Connect” button.

Select chassis, “Connection via VIN” then click “Connect ” button.

Go to “Expert Mode” then “Coding”.

Click “Read(ECU)” button and pull down the items display on SVT box.

Select “FEM BODY” folder, right click it to choose “Read Coding Data”.

Find the CAFD file as below, right click it to choose “Edit FDL”.


Step 2

Now it will take you to “Editors& Viewers”.

Find the folder “3023 TcMaster2, 02” → “Funktionen” → “TCM_MSA_DEFAULT_OFF”.

And find the parameter “nicht_aktiv”, right click it to “Edit”.

You can set the value to “nicht_aktiv” or “aktiv”. (So you can activate or deactivate BMW Start Stop as you like)

After that, remember to click the “Save” button on top bar.


Step 3

Go back to “Expert Mode” and “Coding”.

Click the “FA” folder and expend it to “FA”.

Right click “FA” to choose “Activate FA”.

After that the FA status is activated.

Click “Code FDL” to complete ESYS BMW Start Stop Coding!


Tips: If you want a tool to enable Start Stop function on some old cars, just check this ENGINE START-STOP F1 HARVEL also very cheap €18!