Autel MK908P Review on 2006 BMW 530i N52

Today I’d like to share a high-tech scanner which many people are crazy about it in the market. That is Autel MaxiCOM MK908P.

Through searching the review and finally I bought MK908P at
I have received the package. I will show what it comes with and what actually I can do by it.

There are two different versions of the packing box: MaxiCOM MK908Pro and MaxiCOM MK908.

The MK908P comes with J2534 ECU programming device which can do a little flash, so it got the price more expensive.

Before I want to choose MK908, but I told the dealer what I will do with the BMW software and a program inside. So the dealer recommended this MK908 Pro.

I’m very happy because I can do it all no need anything else!

This is MK908P main unit, and one J2534 Box (it has been connected up), I think it has been tested can work by factory before sending.

Then you can see many OBDII adapters, BMW-20, Benz-14, VW/Audi-2+2, Benz-38, others are Nissan-14, GM/Daewoo-12, Fiat-3; PSA-2, Kia-20, Honda-3, and Mitsubishi/Hyundai-12+16, total 14 pieces adapters.

Besides that, there are many other cables and adapters, such as USB cable, power adapter, etc.

The J2534 is free for ECU programming device, it’s also a VCI so can be used for diagnosis as well.

Now let’s go to the car.

Connect J2534 box to vehicle and mk908p device,
Put the key into the ignition, and press the START button

The J2534 ECU programmer light on

Enter MaxiCOM MK908P software
Tap Diagnostics, select the corresponding car manufactures.
Here we just go into European cars probably easier.
Select BMW, then select Automatic selection

We can enter VIN manually or tap “Read” to acquire a VN

Then enter main menu automatically
You can see 5 options: Diagnosis, Service, Hot functions, Programming, Vehicle profile.

Hot functions:

There are some special functions, such as maintenance, steering angle sensor, battery, brake bleed, throttle, TPMS, Window, door and roof and IMMO& keys.

I want to say it’s not got many functions as obviously, but for the average person, it’s ok. And the fact that it can do programming encoding is another bonus.


Choose Service item, here can reset all the service system and do the chassis suspension and normal power train so I can do engine electronics and the cache. You can do the things that you would be able to do in is start on the service functions but in the same sense, it hasn’t got as many options as what you’d find on your normal ways to program (diagnosis function).


But if we do auto scan and we just run a test on. So you see I’ve got two faults in my DME. There are no other forwards anywhere else. But I scalable anyway so we’re just seeing how accurate this can pick up faults.

I’m scanning the car for quite a long time so I wouldn’t know I usually scan it once a week.

Let’s see what faults are coming up. Click “Read codes”. I have got digital mode electronics, catholic conversion codes which everyone knows about there might be saying I’ve had them for a long time. This is a common problem this is due to when you’re running your car and you’ve all your burnt edges usually, the case going through the exhaust the car’s sit right when our engine is, so the oil winds up getting into the cars itself and clogging up. but we can easily delete them. Just click Erase Codes to clear all the faults.

Check ECU information
Here got a program version, programming date and other info.

Vehicle profile:

Here it shows the completed car information incl. chassis series, model, version, year, VIN and mileage.

I also check other functions of this Autel MK908pro.

To summarize, I think that you should not need to buy this J2534 part separately. This is a VCR It can be used for programming and coding, but only can program and codes for BMW and Mercedes. You don’t need to go out and buy this one you could just find a wireless VCR or the Bluetooth one.

But I want to say MK908P is perfect to quickly scan. It’s a great diagnostic tool own.