Lexia 3 Citroen Peugeot PP2000 Installation/Update Manual and FAQ

http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/upload/service/lexia3-pps2000-use-manual.zip How to activate lexia 3 and install notice 1: Lexia-3 Setup Instruction PP2000 is the Software for Peugeot ! Click ‘InstPC’ to install LEXIA3 is the Software for Citroen ! Click ‘Instlex3’ to install 2: *Important Note: Please create… Continue Reading

How to tell different lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox cables

There are several lexia 3 XS-evolution PP2000 Diagbox cable avalible in eobdtool.co.uk. What’s the difference among these lexia 3 cables? Check the table list below: Item Name Price SP08 Cheapest Lexia 3 V48 PP2000 V25 Diagbox V7.57 €42.00 SP08-A Lexia-3… Continue Reading

Lexia 3 xs ecolution PP2000 Diagbox fails to communicate issue (SP08-C)

Lexia 3 XS Evolution Peugeot Planet PP2000 Diagbox item no SP08-C is the best quality lexia PSA diagnostic tool with original 921815C chip that works excellent on Peugeot 307. But recently one of SP08-C customers reported that his lexia interface cannot… Continue Reading

Question for the Lexia-3 V48 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25 with Diagbox V7.57

10 Highlights to get Lexia 3 V48 pp2000 v25 diagbox v7.57:    1. Software Version: Lexia3  Software: V48 PP2000 Software: V25 Diagbox : V7.53 2. Language List: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech… Continue Reading

PP2000 fix Engine Management Light (EML) on for Peugeot 206

This post starts with Peugeot 406 problem that Engine Management Light (EML) on, then use Lexia 3 PP2000 Peugeot diagnostic tool to read out the fault code, according to the fault code description, the technician finally solved the problem.  … Continue Reading

With diagbox V7.57 Series 921815C / Firmware Lexia 3 V48 PP2000 v25

To Lexia 3 PP2000 users,Obd tools website newly releases a new kind of best quality Lexia 3 PP2000 built-in original chip 921815C / firmware and can perform very well with Peugeot 307. The new lexia 3 pp2000 will demand those who… Continue Reading

Citroen Peugeot Lexia 3 PP2000 with 100% 921815C chip

Obd tools site (eobdtool.co.uk) has extracted PSA Citroen and Peugeot Leixa 3 PP2000 XS Evolution Diagbox diagnostic interface with 100% original 921815C full chip that works perfectly on Peugeot 307, 407 and Citroen C5. Software version:  Lexia–3 V48, Peugeot Planet… Continue Reading

Lexia 3 V48 xs Evolution Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic to fix C4 Coupe clunking, squeaking and shaking, is it possible?

Car model tried:  New (used) Citroen C4 coupe 1.6 petrol 2005, car is driven about 193000km. Car Problem: Have a lot of noises makes starting to be very disturbing. Detailed problem explanation: 1. When the steering wheel is turned completely… Continue Reading

Enable Mitsubishi hidden functions using Lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic tool

I would never have known that there were “hidden” options in my 2008 Outlander Sport until I got a Lexia 3 pp2000 cable, although it beats me why they wouldn’t enable them in the factory and advertise as “features”.   The Lexia… Continue Reading

DIY Program Peugeot new key with Lexia 3 Peugeot Planet 2000

Lexia 3 is the universal diagnostic interface for PSA Citroen and Peugeot. Here is a step-by-step Peugeot 307 new key programming instruction using lexia 3 XS-evolution PP2000 diagbox interface. Equipment: Lexia3 V48 PP2000 V25 diagnostic interface A laptop running Win… Continue Reading