BMW E46 ALSZ Module light coding in NCS Expert

These are the coding options available for coding the ALSZ module of the BMW e46, using ICOMA2 with NCS Expert. Hopefully its helpful for someone else.


  • HEIMLEUCHTEN : home lights activated by flashing high beam with key off
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_ABBRUCH : home light stop
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_AL :home lights are low beam
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_BL : turn signals
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_FL : high beam
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_FUNKSCHL :lights on on closing car with remote (only on e39 )
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_KL58G : home lights are interior backlighting, cluster, ashtray etc.
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_KZL : license plate
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_NSL : rear foglight
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_NSW : front foglight
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_RFS : reverse light
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_SL_H : rear parking lights
  • HEIMLEUCHTEN_SL_V : forward parking lights
  • FL_UND_NSW_NICHT_GLEICHZ : high beam & fog lights come on together when nicht_aktiv (I havent got this working yet)