BMW E46 SMG Coding with BMW ICOM WinKFP software

Here is an example of coding BMW E46 M3 (with SMG2 transmission) Euro SMG mode also called “CSL Coding” with BMW ICOM engineering and developing WinKFP coding software.


BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P with WinKFP 5.1.6 or newer version software HDD and 46 data files

BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic and programming tool

Stable power supply 13-14V at 10A (very important)




  • Configure WinKFP


Well install BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P software HDD

Select and run WinKFP software on the desktop

Click Import/Export ->Import ->Assembly Line Data


Browse to the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder and select the “data” folder. Press “OK” and wait a few minutes to load the data.


Click “Configuration” and do some settings, language, file destination etc, make sure the program configuration setting is the same as picture below:


Save settings and exit WinKFP software.

2) Flash/Program CSL module

Browse the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder to:

Copy the contents of the ecu folder to C:/EDIABAS/Ecu

Copy the contents of the sgdat folder to C:/EC-APPS/NFS/SGDAT

Run WinKFP software again

Turn ignition ON

NOTE: Keep the vehicle voltage at 13-14V. If the voltage is below 12.5V or above 14.5V, the flashing procedure may fail and results in brick the module.

Run WinKFP and select “Comfort Mode”

Click “Enter ZUSB”, select ECU type: GDSMG2 and choose ZB-number: 7843255. Click OK.


Click “Enter VIN” and manually enter 17-digit VIN correctly

Press “Done” You will be displayed the vehicle information and the boost section update activated message.


Click “F3: Program”. WinKFP will give you a message about having X number of flashes available. Press Ok to accept the notice

The module flashing is processing. Accept the windows prompt if the flashing stops at 100%. And it will go faster and complete programming.

Turn ignition OFF

Turn ignition ON after 5 minutes. Clear the stored DTCs in control module with BMW INPA software.

Turn the ignition off and wait a few minutes again if the transmission error light is still on.

Start the engine and enjoy the improved shifts. You may need to run the SMG adaptation procedures.

The whole procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not exit the software program or disconnect the BMW ICOM diagnostic tool with vehicle, otherwise, the SMG module will be bricked.