BMW ENET E-sys Flash F25 NBT

This is how to flash BMW F25 NBT with E-Sys ENET cable.


One way to get bmw esys enet is- to download BMW E-sys with luck, and build an ENET cable. This is the DIY guide:


The other way is- to spend a little bit more money to buy a working cable, then this is a site that has been confirmed working:

You will need to put the car on a commercial grade charger, good for 50 amps minimum, as you cannot run the motor while flashing.

Here are the basic steps:

Go to Comfort Mode => TAL-Calculating
– Read and Save FA
– Activate FA
– Read and Save SVT Actual as SVT_ist
– Create an SVT Target
Under KIS/SVT Target Calculation Strategy, select Complete Flash
Select I-Step (shipm.) to match your original I-Level as read and shown in VCM I-Step (Shipment)
I-Step (target.) will be unselectable as it is fixed based on current PSdZData I-Level
Do a KIS/SVT Target Calculation and Save as SVT_soll
– Do a TAL Calculation and Save as SVT_tal

Go to Expert Mode => TAL-Processing
Load TAL (SVT_tal)
Load SVT Target (SVT_soll)
Select “Read FA” button.
Check radio button for “read VIN out of FA”
On ECU Tab, uncheck let top box in column “All” (All checked boxes should toggle to unchecked)
On ID Base Row for Kombi, make check boxes in blFlash, swDeploy, cdDeploy, and ibaDeploy columns.
Press Check software availability
Press Start and it will proceed with processing TAL to flash Kombi with new firmware.


The last- a good place with lots of great write-ups of BMW F series coding: