BMW ICOM A2 Network Connection Setup User Manual

This is all about network connection (wired or wireless) setup for ICOM A2 diagnosis with ISTA+ or programming with ISTA/P. All situations you may encounter are solved here.

ICOM A2+B+C Wireless Diagnostic Programming Tool for BMW with V2015.10 BMW Rheingold Software

*****Part 1 Wired connection when ISTA-P programming

it’s better to use Lan cable to connet to network instaed of wifi, for wifi is not stable sometime and cannot start programs ISTA-P (ISS-NEXT)


how to connect to network via Lan cable?

method 1: PC – router – ICOM

connect PC to the router, then connect ICOM to router

method 2: ICOM – PC

directlt connect ICOM emulator to PC

*****Part 2 Wireless/WiFi connection when ISTA+ diagnostics

you can use wifi during diagnosis with ISTA+. but sometimes, the connetion will be cut off automatically and program prompts you to continue connection

Wlan settings

go to ICOM Configuration Manger, and select Wlan settings-> Security type:WPA2 personal. the password should be the same with that of router. then save data and unplug and re-plug the Lan cable to connect to icom. it is impossible to diagnose via wifi if password is not set

(NOTE: this is not for USB WiFi; USB wifi comes with password and router setup)


what to do if WIFI fails to connect?

go to VCI settings, then select “HO-ICOM/NET”, NOT Ediabas


open Itool Radar to change ICOM IP address


find out IP address:


then go to “Confort Module” to change ip

icom-wifi-wire-connection-5 icom-wifi-wire-connection-6

Done! WIFI connection success.

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