CAN Clip Renault v154 Free Download and installation

(30th Dec. 2015 update) CAN Clip v154 is verified working like a charm.

Renault CAN Clip v154 Torrent Free Download (1.71 GB):

This file is only 1.71 GB not 4GB as the former version, because CaClip is using 7zip, Go use it and you will be happy.

CAN Clip v154 New Feature:

Fitted in new vehicle: XZH

CAN Clip v154 New operations:

Reading of the diagnostics cards via the RNFI token

.When CLIP is closed, the connection window appears for the token and the password must be entered so that the diagnostics cards can be read.

clip v154

Computer OS and configuration requirements:

– OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (a little part of users feedback it work on Windows 10 32bit)

– CPU: Pentium / Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher

– RAM: 256 MB of system memory

– Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space


Activation and Installation Guide:

  1. Activation: The rswin.exe file and drivers are the same as your old version, only use the same activation method as before. Keygen or patch+ serial the same, choose the one which could activate your installation, both make good work.

CAN Clip Renault crack steps

  • After finish Installation, DO NOT run your CLiP!!!
  • .copy theext to C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\
  • Then run your CLiP, choose “Register me now” and in the next
    Windows,please select “NO“!
  • Use this Key for Registration:
  1. Installation main steps:

1) Install CAN CLIP Patch & Driver
2) Register & Crack Renault CLIP
3) Connect Renault Can Clip interface to the computer and install driver
4) Computer Test
5) Diagnose vehicles

Which cable is compatible with this Renault Can Clip V154?

Can Clip V154 is tested working with any of Item NO. SP19-B and SP19-C.

SP19-B and SP19-C is different from each other at package outlook, PCB look and driver installation.

  • Driver installation different: SP19-B driver installation need to do nothing but click next to finish, SP19-C driver installation is required to select RLT2002 Can Communication Interface (After-enumeration)

SP19-C CLip-154-driver-installation

  • Check Item NO. SP19-B/ SP19-C package and PCB look

Item NO. SP19-B package and PCB:




Item NO. SP19-C package and PCB:

new-renault-can-clip-c-SP19-C  renault-can-clip-pcb-sp19-c