CAN CLiP v161 for Renault

Here, Renault diagnostic software free download to get Renault clip tool to perform diagnosis and reprogramming on your vehicles.


Renault can clip ebay?

CAN CLIP Renault unit

Renault can clip interface PCB

Renault clip diagnostic software download

Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit?

Renault can clip tutorial of CLIP installation

Renault can clip diagnostics & reprogramming

Renault can clip user manual


Renault can clip ebay?

Ebay definitely is a good place to but items. But the Renault diagnostic tool with the best reputation is from, not ebay.


CAN CLIP Renault


It’s not the genuine renault clip diagnostic tool.

Renault can clip interface PCB



Cause the HQ board, the renault clip diagnostic tool from this factory ranks No.1 in China

Renault clip diagnostic software download

– renault can clip download free but with unknown securityrenault can clip v160.rar

Renault Clip V155.iso


CLIP 157 torrent

– renault can clip tested without issues

Renault CAN CLiP software v160

Note: Clip v160 is the newest renault can clip software


Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit?

Renault Clip software is always tested ok in Windows XP system. But XP system is kind of out of date. Nowadays, most use Windows 7 64 bit. To run CLIP on WIN 7 or not, that’s a question of luck.

Here are users feedback on can clip windows 7 64 bit, some successful & some failed:

– Works fine on win7 x86.

– Yes, Can Clip runs on Windows 7-x64 and Windows 8….8.1-x64 m because use x-86 files from the system.

– If your version of Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium x64 it is normally not work, try Enterprise or Ultimate , I use Win 7 Ultimate x64 and canclip works very well

– Automatically detect a driver in both win7 and in win7-x86-x64, a kind can clip ALIANCE driver, bosch automotive … etc..
is absolutely necessary to have all updates madeto the operating system before installation canclip

– i try install in win 7 x64 pc but the driver of VCI not work

– It is NOT working in my Win7 64-bit

– same issue, not working W7 64bit

*** why some Renault CLIP cannot work on Widows 7 64bit?

– The Clip software itself works with 64bit version of Windows 7 but the hardware won’t.. Simply because the there are no 64bit drivers for SONDE can clip..

– I think there are no drivers made for 64bit windows…
it works only with 32bit windows

*** What to do if Renault CAN CLIP cannot work on Windows 64 bit?

-Try disable driver signature enforsment in win 64bit..that help many times

– Or just RIGHT CLICK the .inf File and click INSTALL
Then if you get certificate error you can fix that in device manager/
by right click and install certificate even if invalid

– You need to know your can clip is probe (sonde) or alliance.
alliance = works both on 32 and 64 bit os
probe (sonde) = works only on 32 bit os
i think sonde is better than alliance

You can disassemble your CAN Clip and check it on PCB

real CAN CLIP PROBE clone – RLT2002

Renault can clip tutorial of CLIP installation

Usually, it takes one hour around to install Renault can clip software with the steps below:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools Lite

Step 2 – run Crack Renault CLIP

Step 3 – install CLIP 160

Step 4 – setup CLIP properties

Step 5 – register CLIP

Step 6 – setup in Computer management

Step 7 – diagnose cars via CLIP 160

Detailed instruction on how to install renault clio software on windows xp:

renault can clip diagnostic interface

renault can clip reprogramming

Diagnosis and reprograming are the two main functions of renault can clip:

computer test

– automatic test of all computers

– airbag test

– scan tool (OBD tests)

– Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)

– physical measurements

– antipollution

– multi-meter




Renault can clip user manual

Any issues of Renault can clip can be found at and