CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 vs. E-Sys PRO vs. ISTA-D 

Are you searching for a diagnostic tool for your BMW car? CGDI Prog BMW MSV80, E-Sys and ISTA-D all can do programming, coding and diagnosis. Which is your best choice?

CGDI PROG BMW Key programmer updated newest functions below

1.Add BMW E-series iDrive coding function

2.Add BMW E/F/G series diagnostic (Read and Clear DTC)

Note: CGDI prog BMW diagnostic function can free open and upgrade


What is difference between CGDI prog BMW, E-Sys and ISTA-D?

For User requirements

CGDI BMW key programmer can be used for more people without professional training, and the users no need English knowledge, only need related automobile knowledge to operate.

But for E-Sys BMW users, need training for more than one month.

For usage cost

CGDI prog BMW MSV80 reduces the hardware cost of programming, coding and diagnosis.

ICOM is the original hardware used for BMW E series programming, coding and diagnosis. The original ICOM not only usually costs thousands of Dollars, but also is difficult to install. In order to use easily, many users prefer to buy the original ICOM which has been installed BMW ISTA-D. However CGDI BMW MSV80 is cheaper and more convenient to use.

For users’ time cost

BMW ISTA-D needs users to operate manually.

CGDI prog BMW can operate by following the guide automatically. Save the BMW users’ operation time greatly.

For technical support

BMW E-Sys and ISTA-D cannot offer technical support, but CGDI BMW key programmer supports.In conclusion:

CGDI PROG BMW MSV80 CAS Key Programmer is the winner!

It not only can be used for the majority users without training, but also offers technical support, save time and cost.