CGDI Prog MB and VVDI MB Tool, Which One to Buy?

CGDI Prog MB is new come Mercedes Benz Key programmer in the market, CGDI Benz support fastest Benz car key add, password calculation and all key lost. with free 2 token each day. Some people think it is same as VVDI MB Tool, someone doubt it is clone of VVDI Benz , someone want to know the difference between between CGDI MB Prog and VVDI BGA Tool.

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Threaded–CGDI PROG MB Benz key programmer
anyone has good success with CGDI PROG MB?
what’s the difference of CGDI PROG and VVDI MB


Re:CGDI PROG MB Benz key programmer
Came across this post: CGDI Pro MB Mercedes Benz Programmer all key lost works, this feedback can’t be more comprehensive.

RE: CGDI PROG MB Benz key programmer
Vvdi mb tool support more vehicles than cgdi mb prog
vvdi mb tool can buy tokens alone, it is more suitable for those customers who need man tokens one day, cgdi mb prog do not offer
tokens alone, you can get two tokens for free every day, it is enough for personal usage.

RE: CGDI PROG MB Benz key programmer
CGDI until 6 months after purchase, you have 10 free by days. After 2 free by days. If you need more, you can buy:

XXX: free taken half year
XXX: after that twich free in each day
XXX: if u calculate more ,than need to charge 8usd for 30times and 16usd for 60times

So, in the token VVDI is very more expensive

Tomorrow, software will be update:

xxxxx: will update as follows :Calculate erase password, enable password. Erase EIS, enable the password, write EIS data, calculate the current code hopping key track

RE:CGDI PROG MB Benz key programmer
CGDI no has yet many functions like VVDI, that is a fact.

But CGDI is young, less than 3 months on market, came from a small company without reputation…..

Also in the fact, token is fore more cheaper, calculate PSW very fast and alway first time from server.

CGDI is 1/3 VVDi price, and VVDI is out from almost more than 2 years. So for me, let it grow up and time will tell if this is good tool or not.

I see Xhorse already give unlimited 1 years token, just the time which cgdi come out.


RE: CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer

2007 w221 from Japan: Add key on bench
First try i use vvdi
But 2 time upload also failed cannot get pass
So i was change device Cgdi from vvdi
1 time upload successful
Good and very fast 10min got pass

note:for vvdi failure, pls data acquisition again,then upload the new data to server.

CGDI Prog MB key programmer CGDI Prog MB programming CGDI Prog MB to do W221 CGDI Prog MB to do W221

thanks to @perso69 ( member) for his test report.


RE:  CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer

First try on car yesteday with ML350 2006 W164

Read EZS, calculate PSW, add BE key. All done in 17mn by side the road

ALready work on bench also W209 add key 15mn job done.

Trying key lost the same 209, failed 209 545 31 08

CGDI MB add key

CGDI MB add key Process