Chinese Volvo Vida Dice 2014D advice and use tips

Chinese high quality Vida Dice 2014D with M32C M30855 Main processor from is highly

recommended by many senior users at a official Volvo forum. Why this tool is so well-received? I will put together the reasons as follows. Moreover, I found some users have problem with Vida Dice 2014D installation and usage.

Part 1: Vida Dice 2014D buying advice:

You are advised to judge a Volvo dice from following three points.

  1. Read firstly on Customer feedback:


I’ve got a Chinese clone DiCE / VIDA (Item no. sp21-b) unit only for €71.17 from, delivered from China in about five days, that will do 80% of diagnostic work on all Volvos. This gives everything from a parts catalog for all Volvos since 2000 to trouble codes, diagnostic procedures, and repair procedures for all parts of the car. It will NOT refresh software; that is a dealer-only operation. You can get a VMware image of a VIDA install on the internet for free.


I have used my dice with 2014D for cars 1998-2014 and had no problems. Basic rule do not buy with blue board does not matter blue LED or multicolor they are rubbish. Ask what board they have and what microprocessor they use. I saw tools from china with custom boards and hacked vida it was rubbish. Result was unpredictable. You do not need to look for 2003 vida. Better look for newest one because it works faster and has bugs fixed.


I have used VIDA DICE from for my Volvo for more than one year. Indeed, it is good tool for my Volvo repair and maintenance.

Loads VIDA on VMware running faster? I got 2014D version 88 euro 7 days delivery.
I got it directly loaded on Win 7, no problem

  1. How to tell good vida dice from low cost one?

1) Original Volvo VIDA DICE scanner firmware PCB

Original Volvo DiCE unit boards are manufactured by Multech in Taiwan. Here are the markings present on a real board:

original-volvo-vida-dice-pcb original-volvo-vida-dice-pcb-1

Main processor is M32C M30855 from Renesas. Processor alone costs ~$25 in Qty 1000, making it best quality and better performance.

2) Volvo DiCE (Item No. SP21-A) A quality HQ firmware green PCB with full chip, Price: € 88 +shipping at


volvo-vide-dice-a-main-board-2   sp21-a-volvo-vida-dice-pcb-1 sp21-a-volvo-vida-dice-pcb-2

The China good Clone A-quality Volvo DiCE diagnostic tool is built same with M32C M30855 Main processor. The PCB seems just slightly different from the original one. We will talk about this later.

3) Clone VIDA Dice kit (Item No. SP21-B) B quality firmware PCB, 72.99 + shipping cost at

Volvo Vida dice scanner (SP21-B) is a lower price version in the aftermarket. It operate the same function as the above-mentioned sp21-A. The DICE firmware is made by a different manufacturer. PCB looks like this:



Clone Volvo DiCE and original one difference at PCB:

  1. Electrically, the PCBs are the same. Even the version numbers stamped in the back are the same (1163 5.2)
  1. Fronts used are different, the ground areas are slightly different, and the plate throughs are lower quality on the clone.
  2. Most of the reported problems seem to be around the power supply section and the NET2272 USB controller, probably due to low quality filtering of the external input lines.
  1. The clones are slightly different built in the bluetooth module, SD card, and through-hole connectors. So the Clone VIDA does not support Bluetooth connection.

Part 2: Vida DICE 2014D installation and use tips:

Vida DICE 2014D O/S: 

Windows 7 32Bit

( This is a most frequently asked question)


Computer configuration requirement:

  1. Internet Explorer 8
  2. Over 2GRAM
  3. C:// must have 40GB space
  4. Software must install on C://
  5. Must be NTFS format


Volvo VIDA 2014D torrent Free Download

Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D software Installation video

More software are needed to install successfully before install vida 2014D

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable

Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack (already included in the VIDA DICE install software DVD)

Question: VIDA NOT OK

Answer: check all the error details reason in Installation_Log_xxxxxx.txt inC:\VIDA\System\Log

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