Clone VAS5054A Quality Differences: SP33-C vs SP33-E

What the big difference between the SP33-C and the SP33-E is supposed to be except that it has a different housing.


SP33-C and SP33-E are in fact the same product with a different casing.
SP33-C = VAS5054A with OKI and AMB2300
SP33-E = VAS5054 PLUS with OKI and AMB2300
Ok…so I did some research the past few hours and I came up with this VAS 5054a clone !!!SP33-C!!!.

I believe that it has everything that is needed. The quality looks fine and the AMB2300 Bluetooth as well as the OKI Chip (w/o leg cut) are on the green PCB.
The other one they offer is the !!! SP33-E !!!Looks like this:

I suppose they have made up a item number in china to subdivide the different products and qualities. These two are supposed to be the best quality clones. Practice says otherwise, different sellers have different qualities! Best advice is to be sure through clear pictures of the PCB, and even then they can send you something else. (Most advertisers are actually the same person / company so the choice is limited.)
So I bought the SP33-E right now on
With shipment to Germany about 124 Euros.

When it arrives I will post how the quality is so this whole thing clears up some more here. It is very difficult for people who are not to familiar with the talk about these things to understand what some of the people on forums are actually talking about.