Clone Volvo VIDA DiCE vs. Super VIDA DICE Pro

Dear Susan,
    Hi. I am Metallo from MontrealI am driving a XC70 2006 and a 940 Polar 1997. I’m on your online shop to buy a Vida DiCE unit and found two different ones:
Volvo Vida Dice VIDA all-in-one
Super Volvo Dice Pro + (blue color/silver color)
So what’s the difference? Also does it make any sense to buy the very latest version, Volvo VIDA 2014D?
Dear Mr. Metallo,  
   This is a frequently asked question by Volvo owners. There are several Volvo diagnostic scan tools available in our shop. Here is the attachment table comparison:
2014D VIDA
2014D VIDA
2013D VIDA
Techstream: V9.30.002
VCADS elite V2.40
Operating system
Win 7 Only
Win 7 Only
Win XP Only
Win XP Only
Vehicle Coverage
1999 to 2015 Volvo cars, ambulances, police cars.
2000-2014 Volvo cars, CAN not support vehicle before 1999
Jaguar from 2005-2014
Land Rover from 2005-2014
Toyota from 1996-2014
Volvo from 1996-2013
1996-current truck, Bus, Penta,  
Construction Equipment, Mack, CNHTC,FAW, OEM
Via CD
Via CD
Via CD
Via CD
French, German, English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, China
English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese
English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese
English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian/ Russian/ Hungarian/ Dutch/ Danish/ Chinese/ Norwegian/ Polish/ Turkish/ Czech/ Swedish/ Japanese/ Thai
Read DTC, Clear DTC,
Read Datastream, Actuation, vehicle identification
Read DTC, How to repair DTC, Read Datastream, Actuation, vehicle identification
Diagnostic Trouble Codes, display live data
Read and clear fault codes. Reprogram ECM parameters and ECMS
€ 88
€ 88
€ 52.
€ 149
Volvo VIDA 2014D only support diagnostic functions, cannot support ECU programming
Volvo DiCE unit and super Volvo DiCE pro are built with different firmware support slightly different Volvo years. The newer the software version, the newer year Volvo it covers. Besides, the Vida DiCE 2014D can be installed on Win 7 system, while 2012D/2013D cannot.