Download BMW Coding Program E-SYS 3.29.0 + Psdz Lite 3.61.5

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Download BMW ESYS 3.29.0 + Psdzdata Lite 3.61.5 + ESYS Launcher Premium 2.7.1 to use with BMW ENET Cable or ICOM!


Download BMW E-SYS 3.29.0 Setup Build 48884:!dERyUYCY!tW40F79km2jtLyEcR4e-RIB2Z6t0L2G7zOjlsAd5DcE

Download Psdzdata 3.61.5 Lite:!ehEjDLJb!gVbQZGfofR-BVzb_dn7sP1aYxqmtrSKNvmjUDa-kmKY

Download BMW E-SYS Launcher Premium 2.7.1:!F5oSUA5B!OYnxsT6ccYufG9us53ZpXhkJ5FJVys8WRnphvx6p9o0

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BMW E-SYS 3.29.0 update information

Operating system: WIN XP 32 bit, WIN 7 32 bit

RAM: At least 512MB

Processor: Pentium 4 computer with minimum 1GHz clock frequency

Java version: Java 1.6.0_27,  Java 1.7.0_51 (32 bit), Java 1.8.0_92(32 bit)

Hardware interface: BMW ICOM A2, ICOM NEXT, BMW ENET Coding Cable

Difference: ENET Cable is cheapest solution for BMW F Series Coding. But with ICOM, you can not only do coding, but diagnosis all BMW E, F, G, I Series…


How to install E-Sys 3.29.0? (Set E-Sys 3.26.1 as example)

Extract E-Sys using Winrar. Right click it and click “extract here”.

Run E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487.exe

Select language, click “Next” then “I accept the agreement” then “Next”.

Click “Browse” to choose where to install E-Sys. The default location is C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys.

Set the data path for E-Sys, the default is C:\Data.

Click next until the installation begins.

Click “Finish” to complete the basic installation procedure for E-sys.

Then you need to make it work.

You will see two folders, one is a “Patch” the other is “Token Generator”.

The patch folder contains 2 files

Copy the svc0x80.jar file to the lib directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys/lib)

Place the E-Sys.bat (batch file) in the same directory as the .exe file. Replace the .bat file in that directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys)

Use the Token Software, enter a username as you like and password.


How to install psdzdata?

This is an important and final step of the installation process. The E-Sys installation doesn’t contain any data so you must copy the data into the right folder.

It’s recommended to use the Psdzdata “Lite” version because it has all the Firmware data removed so it saves a lot of space!

Extract Psdzdata using Winrar. Right click it and click “extract here”.

After that go to C:\Data and erase the existing “Psdzdata” folder and copy this extracted new one in the same location.

OK.You can use E-Sys now!