ECU Bench Tool MD1 MG1 ECU Programmer: The Perfect Complement to PCMTUNER

ECU Bench Tool is the perfect complement to PCMTUNER. It works great on Bosch MD1/MG1 MPC5777/ Aurix TC2xx, EDC16 MPC5xx, VAG/VOLVO MED9 via Bench mode. That’s what missed in PCMTuner Magic Car Tool. It’s the first tool which supports Bosch MD1 MG1 so far, also supports old EDC16, MED9 no need to open ECU cover and no risk!

How to check if the car is supported by ECU Bench Tool or not?

1.You have the Bosch number only, but do not know the specific ECU model of your car.

You can input the Bosch number here to confirm the ECU in Once find out, go to check the ECU model in ECU Bench Tool Support List. If the ECU model is in the support list, it means your car is supported.

2.You have both ECU model and Bosch number, while our support list only shows the ECU model, does not mark the hardware Bosch number, and you want to confirm doubly.

If you can find out the Bosch No. in and the ECU model in ECU Bench tool support list, it means your car is surely supported.

Note: The Bosch number is 10 digits. Don’t make a mistake or you won’t find it. 

For example:

Bosch number: 0261S18281

Go to

Input this 10-digit Bosch number in the search box

Click the search icon or press ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard

It shows the ECU type is MED17.3.5

Then copy MED17.3.5 and search it in ECU Bench Tool Support List

The corresponding car model found out is FERRARI_MED17.3.5.

That means this car FERRARI is supported by ECUHELP ECU Bench Tool.

If you enter the wrong number, such as the first digit is missing, then it shows the result is ‘No ECU information was found’.

ECUHELP ECU Bench Tool Bench Correct Connection:

Connect ECU Bench Tool and ECU by the BENCH Cable

Connect ECU Bench Tool to computer by the USB cable

Supply power to ECU Bench Tool with the Power Adapter

The wiring diagram can be found in ECUHelp 2.0 software.

Open ECUHelp software>> Wiring picture>> Enter the ECU type and click search icon>> Click Preview to check the wiring diagram

Guide to read and write ECU data:

Operate in EBT (Amt Bench Service Tool) software

Allows the application to make changes to the device 

Select the ECU type>> click Micro ID>> Click read or write to perform the function>> Save the data

The test:

1.ECU model: MG1 CS001

Follow the wiring diagram to connect ECU Bench Tool and ECU

Open the EBT software to select the ECU type: Bosch MD (G) 1 ECU SPC 5777-V.

Identify the ID

Read and save the Flash data by iRom and eRom in sequence

2.ECU model: Bosch (M) EDC17

Identify the ID

Read and save the Flash data by iRom

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