Eobdtool.co.uk May Sales:KTM BENCH/X300 DP Plus/Tech2

Good news!!! EOBDTOOL has released latest preferential price of KTM BENCH, OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus, GM Tech2. Here shares the related detail information.

1.KTM BENCH ECU Programmer:

Latest preferential price: €305.00 (Original price: €329.00) with free shipping within 3-5days
Here you can buy directly from:http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/ktm-bench-ecu-programmer.html

Package includes: 1pc x KTM BENCH ECU Programmer

KTM BENCH Advantages:

1. No limits of the car model and year + NO need disassemble ECUs read and write Bosch ECUs (Infineon’s chips) incl. flash and EEPROM
2. LESS RISK: to clone/ copy ECUs Able to modify data or do chip tuning to achieve superior performance
3. Much cheaper: compared with the same functional tools, the price is 1/10 of other programming tools in the market
4. No need to dismantle the ECU:
1) Easy to operate and save time up to 5-10 minutes. Otherwise it may take more than 20minutes to dismantle the ECU and even more than 1 hour, also the box may be damaged during dismantling.
2) Dismantling the ECU may damage the original ECU sealing condition.
3) After dismantling the ECU, the boot must be connected.
4) After reading out the data, it needs to reseal ECU.

2.OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

Latest preferential price:  €1,469.00 (Original price: €1558.00) with free shipping within 3-5days
Here you can get directly from http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-x300-dp-plus-key-programmer-full-version.html

Package List:

Key Master DP Plus Unit
Main Wire
12V2A DC Charger
OBD II-16 Connector
IMMO Induction Coil
Multi-functional Jumper
P001 Programmer Unit
C001/C002 Circuit Board
Configuration List/Certificate/Quick Start Guide Fold

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Hardware Advantages:

1. Built-in VCI box offers more stable communication.
2. 8-inch touchscreen offers better vision experience.
3. Charge directly via OBD interface, No like the X300 DP 7″ Pad, which need to be 100% charged before use.
4. Practical and high-end gift box
5. Industrial design with silicone case
6. Back bracket design: prop on the steering wheel or stand on the table
7. P001 programmer: EEPROM adapter + RFID adapter (VW Audi 4th / 5th IMMO programming and other cars e.g Porsche, BMW, Fiat etc.) + Key Renew adapter
8. Add the clip of reading SOP 8PIN EEPROM
9. C001/C002 circuit board to read and write chip data with welding
10. IMMO induction coil to detect the key induction coil failure of the vehicle.
11. Add wiring harness of ECU reading by OBD (for ECU cloning and switch activation)

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus software Advantages:

2. Renew Key
3. Key programming
4. Remote programming
Cluster Calibrate: wild vehicle coverage, please check the car list
Diagnosis: realize all vehicle systems diagnosis

3.GM Tech2

Latest preferential price: €219.00 (Original price: €235)
Here you can get: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/gm-tech2-diagnostic-scanner-with-32mb-card-and-tis2000.html

GM Tech2 Package List:
Tech-2 Flash Tester
32 MB PCMCIA Card with GM OE Applications
CAN diagnostic interface module (Candi) and instruction sheet download (199.2 kb)
RS232 cable and user manual
RS232-DB9 adapter
DLC Cable, DLC Loopback Adapter
12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
SAE 16/19 Adapter
NAO 12/19 Adapter
Battery Power Cable
TIS 2000 CD

Tech2 Features:

1) Authentic GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
2) Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2011.
3) Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4) Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5) RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash.
6) Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7) Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.
8) Bi-directional the authentic GM 1992-current year software will provide full bi-directional control when performing power train, chassis, and body diagnostics.