FNR Key Prog program Renault Megane Laguna key card EASY FAST

It’s tested easy and fast to program Renault Megane II and Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 and Renault True Code! Do you want to know the key programming steps?


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How to program Renault Megane II key card by FNR Key Prog?

Plug FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 to car’s OBD2 port and connect it with laptop.

Install and open the software. Click “Renault True Code” and choose “Renault Diagnostic” section as picture show.

Select car model “Renault Megane II”, click “Connect to selected vehicle” then click “Start Program”.

Place the first key into the reader. Click “OK” and wait. It will show “PIN accepted”, click “OK”.

Now “Procedure Successful” means FNR Key Prog make Renault Megane II new key card OK!


How to program Renault Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog?

Open FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software True Code Programming System. Click “Diagnostic” icon and select car model: “Laguna/Espace/Velsatis”.

Click “Connect to select vehicle”.

Then it will show car key number and pin code, click “Start Program”.

Follow the tips: make sure to remove all key cards from the reader. Click “OK”.

Pin code is accepted. Click “OK”.

Insert the new Renault Laguna key card you want to program then take it out. Click “OK”.

“Procedure successful”, wait 2 minutes then check whether the new key is working or not.

In this way, you successfully program a new Renault Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog 4-in-1!