Foxwell NT530 BMW Newest FAQs: How do i update it?

Foxwell NT530 as the upgrade version of foxwell nt520 offers almost all the features such as diagnose SAS | EPB systems. This hand-held tool | 2 in 1 code reader device offers not only OBD II systems but EOBD and OBD I systems.
foxwell nt530 bmw

Foxwell nt530, a unique multi-system scanning tool, Works on the Latest 2019/2020 Vehicles Firmware Updated Compared to NT520 can also solve problems faster and more accurately for technicians and car enthusiasts. Here are some FAQs from customers below, i hope these can help you.

Ques #1: How can i update my foxwell nt530 and the software?
A #1: nt530 foxwell comes with lifetime free upgrades (one year warranty) that inclues some vehicle coverage lists. If you want more info, you can download foxwell update tool here:

Update steps:

  1. Launch the update tool Foxscanner by double-clicking the desk icon and log in with your Foxwell ID and password.
  2. Connect the scanner to the PC with the USB cable provided.
  3. Select My Update then all the updates applicable to your tool display. Click Update button to start updating. Depending on the file size of the updated packaging, the update time varies from one model to another.

Note: Before updating your scanner, please make sure that you have created a Foxwell ID and you have activated your scanner.

Ques #2: Can it display freeze frame data?
A #2: Yes, it can. You can use this data to find problems. Plus, the diagnostic tool is also able to save data making it easier to share information with others.

Ques #3: Can foxwell nt530 be used for win10 after software upgrade?
A #3: Yes it can.

Ques #4: Will this cover my BMW OBD1 (E30 & 1994 E36) and OBD2 (E60) vehicles?(Vincent Stockdale, 09/08/2019)
A #4: Sorry it will only cover BMW’s from 1996 onwards

Ques #5: I want to clarify the NT520 software. My understanding if you purchase this model you can select 5 different manufacturers complete software free with unit & if I want to add additional car manufacturers I pay for each as additional charge is this correct? Also if I add say Holden which has obd1 & obd2 vehicles do i get both or is that additional cost as well to have both?
A #5: The first software is free, each additional software is $60USD. The unit can hold 5 manufacturer softwares at a time. If you bought Holden it will cover all Holden from 1996 onwards(OBD1 and OBD2) cheers

Ques #6: How can i use foxwell nt530 bmw to diagnose other car brands?
A #6: Foxwell nt530 is not only designed for BMW, but it also can diagnose VAG | FORD| TOYOTA | HONDA | NISSAN, etc.
Foxwell NT530 Vehicle coverage

Note: Some features may only work on BMW models. If you happen to have such a problem, you can directly contact our customer service to solve the problem.

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