Foxwell NT530 BMW Review: Comparison, Update

Foxwell NT530 is the updated version of Foxwell NT520 Pro. This article will highlight the difference between them and how to update NT530.

Part 1: Foxwell NT530 vs. Foxwell NT520


Foxwell NT530 BMW: the latest price is 212 euro free shipping (was 250 euro, get 15% discount)


Foxwell NT520: the latest price is 138 euro free shipping (was 145 euro, get 5% discount)


Feature & Function:

NT530 and NT520 share the same features and functions. But NT530 features newer firmware and supports more cars.

1.NT530 can support latest 2018/2019 models while NT520 pro cannot.
2.NT530 support for BMW F Chassis while NT520 pro cannot.
3.NT530 add four more car makes based on NT520 pro:  for Maybach, for Mitsubishi, for Renault, for Nissan

Foxwell Tool Foxwell NT530 Foxwell NT520 (Pro)
Price 212 euro 138 euro
Language English English
French French
Dutch Dutch
German German
Spanish Spanish
Japanese Japanese
Russian Russian
Portuguese Portuguese
Korean Korean
Italian Italian
Swedish Swedish
Thai Thai
Update Online free lifetime Online free lifetime
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Function Full system diagnosis Yes Yes
EPB Yes Yes
Oil service reset Yes Yes
DPF Reset Yes Yes
SAS Yes Yes
Battery Configuration Yes Yes
TPMS/CVT/Injector/Odometer/Gear Learn Yes Yes
Other service maintenance function Yes Yes
Car list EOBD Yes Yes
Maybach Yes NO
Mitsubishi Yes NO
Mercedes Benz Yes Yes
Smart Yes Yes
Sprinter Yes Yes
Renault Yes NO
Nissan Yes NO
Acura Yes Yes
Alfa Romeo Yes Yes
Abarth Yes Yes
Au Ford Yes Yes
BMW, Mini Yes (No F-chassis) Yes, incl. F-series
Chrysler Yes Yes
Fiat Yes Yes
GM Yes Yes
Honda Yes Yes
Hyundai, Kia Yes Yes
Holden Yes Yes
Land Rover, Jaguar Yes Yes
Lancia Yes Yes
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Yes Yes
Maserati Yes Yes
Opel, Vauxhall Yes Yes
Rolls-Royce Yes Yes
VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat Yes Yes
Porsche Yes Yes
Mazda Yes Yes
Ferrari Yes Yes
Aston Martin and more. Yes Yes
Volvo Yes Yes


Part 2: How to update Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner 



Download foxwell update tool from foxwell official website:

Before updating your scanner, please make sure that you have created a Foxwell ID and you have activated your scanner.

1.Launch the update tool Foxscanner by double clicking the desk icon and login with your Foxwell ID and password.
2.Connect the scanner to the PC with the USB cable provided.
3.Select My Update then all the updates applicable to your tool display. Click Update button to start updating. Depending on the file size of the update packaging, the update time varies from one model to another.