Foxwell NT650 Elite FAQs: How do i upgrade it?

Foxwell NT650 Elite as the updated version of nt650 supports ABS | SRS | SAS | EPB Reset, etc functions that can solve 90% of the service you tackle every day. But how to upgrade it and how to solve it when failed to update?

Here are some FAQs about how to solve these problems. And you will know the difference between foxwell nt650 & foxwell nt650 elite. Here we go.

Ques #1: How can i update my foxwell nt650 elite?
A: Here are the upgrade flow chart, which introduces in detail how to upgrade foxwell nt650 elite
foxwell nt650 elite upgradent650 elite foxwell upgrade

Ques #2: What can i do while failed to update?
A: Follow the steps and you will solve the problem.

Step 1: Download FoxAssist by the link below
nt650 elite failed update

Step 2: Connect your Foxwell scanner with your laptop or computer, click update menu.

Confirm your scanner was read.

Step 3: Use FoxAssit to register your account, click activation to activate with SN number.
Step 4: Click “Update”, choose the right language to update all software.

Ques #3: What’s the difference between foxwell nt650 elite and foxwell nt650?
A: 1. The Scanner interface is different.
2.NT650 Elite support one-click Auto Scan VIN number Function.
3.NT650 elite support some latest 2018/2019 car models.
4.NT650 Elite fix a lot of bugs and added A/F Adjust, Language Change, Seat Match and CLUTH adaptation Functions
nt650 elite difference

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