Free download 03.2017 MB Star SD C4 Xentry: WIN7 WIN10 tested YES

Good news for sharing! Newest MB Star SD C4 Xentry 03.2017 for WIN7 WIN10 is now available! Below are free download torrent and tested YES source for you!


Free download MB Star C4 Xentry OpenShell XDOS 03.2017:!F5xgXLyJ!p3nwBxN4JEZZPCdffuzrtpRG8HDJObUGhzB9E_REbKE

Unknown security, individually tested, enjoy at your own risk!

No pass! Thanks DieTRih at MHH Forum!

MB Xentry 03.2017 wallpapers + missing pictures fix x86.exe + internet no delete Xentry license solution.exe for MB SD Connect C4 /C5:!QoZixIxa!ClZeQQR2Ca44Cyq7W1ZaO8wv3rnW3ZRf62QxzLMuq-k


Is there any tested YES MB SD Connect C4 Xentry 03.2017?

Yes! You can directly get a safe source here, no error to install and use! Multilanguage, work for Mercedes Car, Truck, Sprint, Smart from 1989 up to now.

No need update firmware.

Support Online Programming!

Two versions available for choose:

03.2017 MB SD C4 Xenry SSD for WIN7/WIN10 256GB

03.2017 MB SD C4 Xenry HDD for WIN7/WIN10 500GB

Software includes:

  1. D-A-S / Xentry 2017.3
  2. W-I-S net 2016.03
  3. net 2016.03
  4. ST Finder 2008
  6. SDMEDIA 2014
  7. PL70

Note: If you need offline programming, old 2012-2014 Xentry can do it! Check MB Star SD C4 software 11.2012 hard disk.


What’s the difference between Xentry SSD and Xentry HDD?

In general, SSD will run faster than HDD. Set DELL D630 laptop as example, check below table:

Benz Star C3, C4 and SDC4 Software SSD VS Common HDD in Terms of Running Speed
D630 with 4GB Time to boot Time to shutdown Time to use Xentry test one single vehicle model
SSD About 1Min 30Secs About 20Secs About 2Mins 25Secs
Common HDD About 4Mins About 50Secs About 3Mins 27Secs
D630 with 1GB  Time to boot  Time to shutdown Time to use Xentry test one single vehicle model
SSD About 3Mins 15Secs About 22Secs About 4Mins 28Secs
Common HDD About 5Mins About 2Mins About 5Mins 07Secs