BMW ESYS 3.29.0 ESYS 3.28.1 + ESYS Launcher Premium 2.7.1 Free download

Here you can download: latest BMW E-Sys 3.29.0, E-Sys 3.28.1 + E-sys Launcher Premium 2.7.1 + Psdzdata V3.61.1 Lite and use BMW ENET Cable to do BMW coding!

06.14.2017 edit: BMW ESYS 3.29.0 is also released here! Free download link please check below!


Download E-sys 3.28.1 + E-sys Launcher Premium 2.7.1 Setup + Psdzdata Lite V3.61.1 all in one:!tc00gSIb!QSJatG3d3e4JVaDMt2aIhw

No pass, free to use!


  1. You must uninstall the existing E-SYS version before installing new E-SYS 3.28.1. E-sys Launcher Premium 2.7.1 is tested working to launch E-SYS 3.28.1.
  2. E-SYS Launcher Premium V2.7.1 require NET Framework 4.5.2 or above.
  3. E-SYS Launcher Premium V2.7.1 Build 135 update info:

Fixed “Unknown Error” error when recalling cheat code;

When generating a token, simply enter the PIN number to simplify the creation (remove folder selection);

Improved communication between Launcher and E-Sys


Download E-sys 3.29.0 setup in mega: (NO PASS)!dERyUYCY!tW40F79km2jtLyEcR4e-RIB2Z6t0L2G7zOjlsAd5DcE


What tools to work with BMW E-Sys and Psdzdata?

BMW ENET Coding Cable (Cheapest option for BMW Coding)

BMW ICOM A2 WIFI (Allow you to fully diagnose and program more than just do coding)


Why launch E-Sys using E-Sys Launcher Premium?

E-Sys Launcher Premium allows you to perform FDL coding.

– Increased default memory allocation.

– Enhanced overall System stability.

– Zero E-Sys Configuration.

– Personalized and individualized token.

– Easy-to-use.

Note: With E-Sys Launcher Premium, once “Car Series” is set, it can only be changed every 3 days, so be sure to set it correctly at first!


How to install BMW E-Sys 3.28.1? (Refer to E-Sys 3.26.1 as example)

Extract E-Sys using Winrar. Right click it and click “extract here”.

Run E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487.exe

Select language, click “Next” then “I accept the agreement” then “Next”.

Click “Browse” to choose where to install E-Sys. The default location is C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys.

Set the data path for E-Sys, the default is C:\Data. Click next until the installation begins.

Click “Finish” to complete the basic installation procedure for E-sys.

Then you need to make it work.

You will see two folders, one is a “Patch” the other is “Token Generator”.

The patch folder contains 2 files

Copy the svc0x80.jar file to the lib directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys/lib)

Place the E-Sys.bat (batch file) in the same directory as the .exe file. Replace the .bat file in that directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys)

Use the Token Software, enter a username as you like and password.