Free download Honda HIM HDS v3.101.015 diagnostic software

Boys! Good news for you all! Here comes the latest Honda diagnostic system HDS v3.101.015 to to work with HIM HDS for diagnosis on Honda vechiels from 1992 to 2014.

honda hds him diagnostic tool

HDS 3.101.015 – unkown security!iRQWRIba!DgkpsajZCMYcd7_0OIjJqvwM9XEIXByHtU49wmE_Ipw

HDS V3.017 – safe & activated


HDS 3.101.015 is being tested by eobdtool engineers, so you will TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK.

If you don’t want to take a risk, you can try HDS 3.017 above – teated by engineers and thouthands of users.

HIM HDS V3.101 installation reference:

How to setup Honda HDS HIM V3.101 on Windows 7 32bit

Here, you can get Honda Diagnostic System HDS 3.101.015 for FREE and install HDS on Windows 7 system within 5 minutes, for reading VIN and immobilizer.

Free download HDS 3.101.015:!iRQWRIba!DgkpsajZCMYcd7_0OIjJqvwM9XEIXByHtU49wmE_Ipw

PASS: not given to the rude person

Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit

Language: English

Compatible device: Chinese Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool

HONDA HDS V3.002 installation instruction:

Step 1 – Install HDS

Open DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10

Copy folder “HDS 3.101.015PC” to Desktop

Open folder “HDS 3.101.015PC” on Desktop

Rename folder “PSXMVCI” as “1PSXMVCI”

Open “setup” application in folder HDS 3.101.015PC

Preparing setup…

Click Next to begin installation of HDS PC ver.3.101


Accept the license agreement

Select destination (here: other)

Select a country (here: United States)

Enter dealer number

Select a language (here: English)


Setup status…

Honda Next Generation Diagnostic System installation success.


Step 2 – add info to registry

Run “USA-Dealer” registration entries in DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10

Click Yes to add information to USA-Dealer.reg


Keys and values were added successfully


Step 3 – install TizWaz installer

Run “HIMGNA” application in DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10

Click Next then Finish to exit the installer

Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-6 Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-7

Step 4 – install CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27

Run “setup” application in folder HDS 3.101.015PC/ECU-Rwrite-GNA-HIM


Click Next to install CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27


Status setup…

Step 5 – run HDS 3.101.015 to test INSIGHT 2010

Open “Diagnostic system” on Desktop

It is Honda Diagnostic System HDS 3.101.015.ENG.WIN32


Click F12 for detailed setup info


Go to diagnosis

Finish vehicle info


Select Honda system-> PGM FI-> DTCs/Freeze data


Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-16 Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-13 Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-14 Honda-HIM-HDS-3.101.015-15