Honda HDS 3.102.004 WIN7 download& install for HDS HIM

This blog will show you step by step: How to install latest Honda HDS 3.102.004 on Windows 7?

Note: HDS 3.102.004 is confirmed OK with Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool by engineer!


Free download Honda HDS Diagnostic Software 3.102.004:!U0swkDab!QJQdQrQ2gkfDdEytkaDVDKa5vJSZL5YlOoVQWx43gb4


How to install Honda HDS 3.102.004 on Windows 7?


Open CD-RW Drive (E:) hds 3.102.004→ “HDS 3.102.004” folder.

Find the Setup.exe, right click it “Open” to run HDS setup application.

Complete the InstallSheild Wizard for HDS PC Ver.3.102.004.

Click “Next”→ “Yes”→ choose Other (General), click “Next”→ Click “Next”→ enter dealer number “123456”, click “Next”→ Click “Finish”.



Go back to CD-RW Drive (E:) hds 3.102.004.

Open “new apps for genreg” folder and copy the all files.

Right click the “Diagnostic System” shortcut and choose “Properties”.

Click “Open File Location” button→ “DiagSystem” folder→ “Runtime” folder→ “Apps” folder.

And paste all the files, choose “Do this for the next 11 files” then click “Copy and replace”.



After that, go back to CD-RW Drive (E:) hds 3.102.004.

Click the “GENERAL 64bit” registration entries.

Click “Yes” to continue.

And Honda HDS 3.102.004 GENERAL 64bit is successfully added to the registry!



Honda HDS 3.102.004 installation is complete!

Remember to click the “F12” button and change the communication interface to “HIM”.

Now you can use it with HDS HIM to diagnose Honda cars!