Honda HDS HIM V3.017 install on Win7 (no need activation)

News for you! Newest software version V3.017 of Honda HDS HIM is tested ok on Win 7 and available now. Honda HDS HIM V3.017 support multiple languages, no need to activate. More information you can click following link:

Instruction for How to install HDS HIM V3.017 on Win7:

  1. Open “Computer”→ “Honda HDS 3.017[E:]” → “HIM 3.017.012” → “HDS PC”;
  2. Open “setup” application, wait a second for preparing setup, you will see “Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for HDS PC Ver3.017”, click“Next”, click “Yes”;

HDS-HIM-V3.017-open setup-1.1 HDS-HIM-V3.017-InstallShield Wizard-1.2

  1. Destination Selection: choose “Other (General)”, Country Selection: choose “UNITED STATES”, Dealer Number Entry: enter “123456”, Select Languages to install: choose “ English”;

HDS-HIM-V3.017-Language-3.4 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Destination Selection-3.1 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Country-Selection-3.2 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Dealer-Number-Entry-3.3

  1. You will see Setup Status “HDS PC Ver3.017 is configuring your new software installation”, wait for a second, prompt message will show “InstallShield Wizard Complete”, click “Finish”;


  1. Back to folder “HIM 3.017.012”, right click “USA-Dealer”→ click “Merge”, a prompt massage will come out ask “Are you sure you want to continue?”, click “Yes”, click “OK”;


  1. Open application “HIMGNA”, you will see a welcome message, click “Next”, click “Finish”; open folder “ ECU rewrite-GNA-HIM”, open “Setup” application, wait a second, message says “Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27”, click “Next” and wait until the Setup Status shows 100% complete;

HDS-HIM-V3.017-Setup-Status-complete-6.4 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Open-HIMGNA-6.1 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Open-ECU-rewrite-GNA-HIM-6.2 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Open-Setup-6.3

  1. Right click desktop icon “Computer”→ click “Manage”, on Computer Management interface choose “ Device Manager” → “Ports(COM&LPT)” → “Communications Port(COM1)”;


  1. Right click to open desktop icon “Diagnostic System”, you will see an interface “Set-up Details” → “DTC Display” pull-down menu→ choose “SAE”;


  1. Click “←” button of right side toolbar, return toV3.017.012 start menu, click the first button of tool bar, message will show “Honda Diagnostic System Initializing Please Wait”,;


  1. After that you will see an interface “Vehicle Details”, odometer is automatically showed, go to “Drive” pull-down menu→ choose “Left Hand Drive”, click “tick” at bottom right corner→ message says “Establishing vehicle communications. Please wait”;


  1. Next is an interface “Select Mode” → choose “Honda Systems”, click “tick” at bottom right corner, after that is a “System Selection Menu” → choose “PGM FI”, click “tick” at bottom right corner;

HDS-HIM-V3.017-System-Selection-Menu-11.2 HDS-HIM-V3.017-Select-Mode-11.1

  1. You will a “Mode Menu” → choose “DTCS/ Freeze Data”, click “tick” at bottom right corner → message says “HDS is collect data, please wait”, click “OK”


  1. Find right side toolbar, Click last but one button (green button with man image) to return “Mode Menu”, you can click the green button with man image or “←” button to return.