How CAN CLIP V151 Interface Recode 2006 Renault Trafic Injector ECU

2015 Good Quality Renault CAN CLIP V151 is a best-sold Renault diagnostic tool that supports multi-language, and multi-function including automatically test computers, airbag test and reprogramming for all Renault models.
Here show you how to re-flash / re-code Injector ECU on Renault Trafic 1.9 TDI 2006.
2. A laptop/PC running with Windows XP;
How to re-flash Renault injector ECU with CAN CLIP:
1. Install Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software;
Renault CAN Clip V151 Software Installation Video:
2. Connect CAN CLIP interface with vehicle via OBD socket;
Select the reprogramming page;
3. Obtain the VIN of the vehicle automatically;
Select the Reprogramming button;
Click SELECTION and then Validate;
4. Confirm the information displayed, enter the Repair Order Number and the vehicle Technical Specification code is required;
Click Validate;
5. Click OK to accept the system re-programming notice;
Then check the battery voltage.
Select programming Mode:
–Using CD-ROM;
Select CD-ROM button;
6. Select the number for the software to download depending on the recorded operation commons;
Next confirm;
Click Software reference and press Validate.

7. Enter vehicle After-sales reprogramming code (Outcode) manually, press Validate.
8. File is downloading, no operation on the vehicle or on the tool;
Wait until the procedure is complete (This procedure will last for 5 minutes);
Then return to the home page and save result;


Exit the Renault CAN Clip software program.