How HDS HIM V3.015.020 program key for a Honda crv 2002

Post is on how to use HDS HIM V3.015.020 program a key for a 2002 Honda crv.

Car model: 002 Honda crv

Purpose: program a key

Optional tools:

1) Autel DS708: Autel DS708 works great for programming Honda and Nissan Keys.

2) Honda him with version 3.005 HDS Software

Best tool to use:

Just buy a Honda him and use version V3.015.020 HDS Software with computer date set to 12/12/2012 and use PCM Code Calc. Since Autel DS708 will work on the key programming for Honda 02 crv, but lot of money for that job.

Where to buy Honda him and download V3.015.020 HDS Software?

Many sellers are available with Honda HIM. To me, I personally recommend UOBD2.NET, the price is good and Susan service is nice.

  • PCM Code Calc for Honda:


  • HDS HIM with V3.015.020 HDS Software:


Free download V3.015.020 HDS Software:

HDS HIM V3.015.020 installation guide

Note: Please install the package with clean installed XP

How to program key?

  1. Before program key vid HDS, you need calculate code via PCM Code Calc.

When you try to program new key for Honda CRV via HDS it will ask for Key Code, you will be stuck. Then, how to get the code? Actually you need additional PCM Code Calc with driver.


  • Buy additional USB dongle
  • Download installation file for PCM Code Calc:

  1. Connect the USB dongle to the computer.
  2. Unzip “”, you will find the file is as small as 432KB.
  3. Open “HondaCalculator.exe”, software no need install, its plug and play.

Honda Calculator operating interface:

It is easy to calculate password with PCM Code Calc:

  • Select the language you want, PCM Code Calc is available with English and Chinese.
  • Enter the VIN Code read by HDS machine which use original Honda HDS software, Beside HDS cable, these Chinese Honda interfaces also run HDS software including: VXDIAG MULTI 3 IN 1 Diagnostic Tool For Toyota/ Honda/JLR, Allscanner IT3, HONDA HDS, GNA600 and so on

Besides, Honda calculator is able to calculate old version HDS password 1 and password 2 , able to calculate new version HDS PCM Code.

Note: please connect USB Dongle when you calculate the PCM Code.

  1. After you get the code, it will be easy to program key for Honda CRV 2002.


Hope it helps.