How install Renault CAN CLIP V160 on Windows XP

The chief eobdtool engineer has successfully tested renault can clip diagnostic interface V160, without any issues on Megane to read faults successfully. Here is the instruction on how to update CAN CLIP V160 on Windows xp system.


via CD (CLIP 160 software)

Operating system:

Windows XP

CAN CLIP 156 function:

Professional diagnosis on ENGINE, automatic gear shifting, Air conditioning system, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, IMMO, KEYZESS GO system, OBD-I I and so on.

Model coverage:

Renault 1998-2016

New models in CLIP 160:


CLIP 159 installation

Video guide:


Renault CAN Clip V160 Installation Video from EOBDTOOL.CO.UK:

Main steps:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools Lite

Step 2 – run Crack Renault CLIP

Step 3 – install CLIP 160

Step 4 – setup CLIP properties

Step 5 – register CLIP

Step 6 – setup in Computer management

Step 7 – diagnose cars via CLIP 160

Step-by-step installation:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools Lite

Insert CAN CLIP 160 disk E: and open it.

Run DTLite application to install

Select a setup language

Accept the agreement

Select Free license

Then follow the screen instruction

DAEMON Tools Lite installation success and runs automatically


Minimize it for later use

Step 2 – run Crack Renault CLIP

Go to DAEMON Tools Lite

Add image: renault can clip disk E:/Clip 160_0_3_0

Go to Computer/renault can clip disk E:/Activation(Patch V3)

Open Crack Renault CLIP registration entries

Register Editor: click Yes.

Click OK.

Back to DAEMON Tools Lite

Mount Clip 160_0_3_0.iso

Minimize DAEMON Tools Lite

close folder Activation(Patch V3)

Step 3 – install CLIP 160

Autoplay: select Run setup.exe

CLIP V160 is running automatically

Click the laptop icon (FIRST INSTALLATION) in CLIP V160 interface.


Click “I accept…agreement” and click Next.

Select country. (here, select OTHER COUNTRY). and click Next.

Select language and click Next.


Manufacturer:Renault. click Next.

Click Next to begin copying files.

Windows security: trust and confirm to install

Finish CLIP installation


Step 4 – setup CLIP properties

Open CLIP properties on Desktop

Open file location:

Cut RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application

Paste RSRWin application on Desktop

Close CLIP properties

Replace RSRWin with another RSRWin application in Computer/renault can clip disk E:/Activation(Patch V3)

Step 5 – register CLIP

Run RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application

Accept the license and register CLIP


Are you part of the Renault Network? Select No.

Enter the unlocking code with the picture guide Renault Clip Registeration Step 4 in the folder Activation(Patch V3)


then click Confirm.

Registration successful: click OK.


Replace “RSRWin” in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application with”RSRWin” on Desktop

Prompt: installing device driver software…

Prompt: device driver software installed successfully

Step 6 – setup in Computer management

Automatically install driver software

Open computer management

select Device manager->Bosch automotive service solution device->18-alliance vehicle communication interface


close Computer management

Step 7 – open CLIP v160 to begin diagnosis

There will be a computer security alert. Just click Cancel.

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there are mainly two kinds of China CAN CLIP, but the new Renault CLIP 160 only work with one with the following pcb

sp19-b-renualt-can-clip-v152 -2 sp19-b-renualt-can-clip-v152 -1