How to change ISTA language

This is a step-by-step instruction on changing ISTA language for better diagnosis or programming on your vehicles with BMW ICOM A2.

Click ICON and it will show as follows:

When it shows ICOM, you can click the lower right corner to connect to start diagnosis.

Note: if the status shows firmware, you must update your ICOM firmware first.


Open it, click “Reset Settings”, then close it.

Open it again, and you can enter the language setting and resolution.

Select the setup language.

Check your Desktop resolution and make sure it is the same as here you choose.

After setting, you can choose, BMW, mini, BMW motorcycle, Rolls-Royce.


Extras>> settings

Setup language and others.


Click “Setting” to change your language or other things.

Engineer software (INPA, Winkfp, NCS-Expert)

Before using the software, you must set connection to ICOM.

  1. Open ItoolRadar. Click the first line and then click “Reserve”.

ICOM status will be changed to reserve.

  1. Open EasyConnect and set as follows. IP address must be correct.

Click “CHECK”.

  1. Open INPA, Winkfp, NCS. It will be okay.