How to find BMW F-series current I-level with ENET E-sys coding cable

What is an I-level (integration level)?

The I-Level (German: I-stufe) is the Integration Level of your car, which represents a package of firmwares for all your modules, and it corresponds to the version of ISTA/P last used to program your vehicle.

The I-level is a set of numbers: like E89X-11-09-410. The first part represents the chassis group, which is followed by the year and month of the release and a build number for that release. So, E89X-11-09-410 would mean a E80/E90, 09/2011, version 410.

BMW owners will be able to check/find their car I-level with BMW coding cable, like BMW ENET E-SYS coding cable.


ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable, like €11 in

BMW E-SYS ICOM F-Series coding software

A laptop running Win XP operating system

With proper E-sys cable, you can check to see if the vehicle you are connected to has the ISTA/P v2.54.2 or v2.54.3 version of software.


Check the level of firmware installed in the F-series chassis BMW.

Refer the cable list above first

Connect the ENET E-sys coding cable with vehicle via OBD socket

Click the Expert Tab on the far left menu bar

Select the VCM Module tab

Locate the VCM ‘Master’ tab

Locate the I­-Steps section

Click Read.


This will then show you the current I-level on the vehicle. If the I-level matches the ISTA/P Version for Px.54.2 under your specific chassis, you have the affected firmware.

câble de codage BMW ENET E-SYSX

Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding F-Series for BMW