How to install OBDII Renault and Dacia ECU programming?

Renolink OBD2 ECU Programmer for Renault Dacia installation in step by step procedure.

Interface + software source:





Open the DVD/CD drive to get in to the Renolink OBD2 software folder


Right click “dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64”


It will automatically setup Microsoft.NET Framework 4


Tick on “I have read and accept the license terms”, and then click on “Install” to continue


It will install Microsoft.NET Framework 4 automatically

After installation completing, click “Finish”.


Double click “CDM21218_Setup_720”


Click “Extract” to continue.


It will show the Device Driver Installation Wizard, click “Next” to continue

Then select “I accept this agreement”, and click “Next”.


After Device Driver installation Wizard complete installation, click on “Finish”.


Right click “renolink_setup3” to open.


Click “Next” to continue. If you would like to select a different folder, click “Browse”.


Click “Next” to continue.


Click “Install” to continue with the installation.


Please wait while Setup installs RenOlink on your computer.


Click on “Finish”.


Click on “START” button on your desktop to right-click the “RenOLink” icon, and select “Properties”


Open the File Location


Copy “renolink.dat” and “RenOLink” to replace the same on the RenOLink folder you opened just now.



Send the “RenOLink” icon to desktop as shortcut.


Plug the RenOLink OBD2 cable to laptop, the device USB driver will be installed automatically.

Now you can Run the RenOLink OBD2 Renault Software.