Steps to install Renault CAN CLIP V157 on Windows XP

This is about Renault CAN CLIP V157 installation on Windows XP:

Free download CAN CLIP 157:

Tested with clone CAN CLIP diagnostic tool for Renault by

Operating system:

Windows XP


German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norway, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, English, Swedish

video guide:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools

open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:

run “DTLite4454.0314” to install DAEMON Tools

language setup

Renault-can-clip-157 (1)

accept license agreement

select a license type: free license

choose components

Renault-can-clip-157 (2) Renault-can-clip-157 (3)

allow mount space to use my mount statics

follow the screen instruction (click next)

always trust software to install

Renault-can-clip-157 (4)

install DT gadget

Renault-can-clip-157 (5)

DAEMON Tools complete.

run DAEMON Tools Lite automatically (minimize it)

open “Activation (Patch V3)”->Crack Renault CLIP

add image in DAEMON Tools Lite

(computer/DVD RW/157_0_3_0)

Renault-can-clip-157 (6)

mount 157_0_3_0.mdx

minimize AEMON Tools Lite and close other interfaces

Step 2 – install CLIP V157

open BD ROM F: 157_0_3_0

open “setup” application

First installation->next

Renault-can-clip-157 (7)

accept the agreement

select the country

select clip v157 language

Renault-can-clip-157 (8)

select Renault

review settings and go next

always trust software to isntall


restart the platform automatically

computer reboots automatically

CLIP V157 first installation complete

Renault-can-clip-157 (9)

Step 3 – register CLIP V157

open CLIP properties on Desktop

open files in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application

cut “RSRWin” application and paste it on Desktop

open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:/Application

copy “RSRWin” application to paste it in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application

then open the “RSRWin” application

Register me now

Renault-can-clip-157 (10)

are you part of the Renault Network?


open the picture named “Renalut clip registration step 4” for clip registration

Renault-can-clip-157 (11) Renault-can-clip-157 (12)


registration successful

Renault-can-clip-157 (13)

cut “RSRWin” application from Desktop to Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application (move and replace)

automatically installing device driver software

Step 4 – diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2 with Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface 157

run CLIP on Desktop to diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2

cancel windows security alert


Renault-can-clip-157 (14) Renault-can-clip-157 (15)

finish vehicle info for computer test

Renault-can-clip-157 (16)

cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (17) Renault-can-clip-157 (18) Renault-can-clip-157 (19) Renault-can-clip-157 (20)



All above is only for China clone Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool