How to install Renault CAN CLIP v164 on Window XP

Renault CAN CLIP v164, how to install? how-to guide of  Renault CAN Clip V164 software installation for you all…


You can free download Renault CAN CLIP v164.exe at your own risk

or spend some pennies with tested versions from for sake of security


the installation instruction here for Windows xp users.

Renault can clip widows 7 32 bit needs luck!


Here you go….

Step1. ready for can clip v164 installation

Unzip and open Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder.

Copy “Activation (Patch 3)” folder to desktop.

Open “Activation (Patch 3)” folder,

right click on the “Crack Renault Clip” registration entries

then click on “Merge”->“Yes” ->“OK”.


Step2. Renault can clip v164  first installation

Open the “Setup”.exe.

Click on “First Installation” icon.

Select  “I accept…” option and click on “Next”.

Select   “Other Countries” and click on “Next”.

Select  “English” and click on “Next”.

Select   “Renault” click on “Next” then “Next”.


Pop up “Windows Resource Kit Tools Setup Wizard”.

Click on “Next”

choose “I agree the agreement…”



Click on “Install Now”

Wait a while for completing then click on “Finish”

Restart your computer

click on “Finish”

Renault CAN Clip V164 “First Installation” complete!


Step3. CLIP V164 Registration

Right click the “CLIP” icon on desktop, go to “Properties”

click on “Find Target”

go to disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application

Cut the “RSRWin” application to desktop

Go to Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder ->“Activation (Patch 3)” folder

Copy the another “RSRWin” application to disk C:/ CLIP_X91/ Lib/ Application


Open the “RSRWin” application in Application folder

Click on “I understand and accept the licence…” then “Register me now”.

“Are you part of Renault Network?”

Select  “No”

go to Renault CAN Clip V164 software folder and find a picture (Renault CLIP Registration Step-4)

enter the required “unlocking code” as the pic shows

click on “Confirm”

“Registration successful”. Click on “OK”


Step4. “RSRWin” application replacement

replace the “RSRWin” application in  disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application with the one on desktop

“Found New Hardware Wizard”

click on “Next”, then “Finish”

Install device driver successfully.


Step5. setup com port

go to  Computer management

select “Device Manager” ->“Bosch automotive service solution device” ->“18-alliance vehicle communication interface”


Step6. last setup for the use of CLIP

Right click on desktop to open “Display Properties”

Go to “Screen Saver” ->“Power and setup”

Change Settings: Power scheme: Always on->Turn off monitor: Never, Never->Turn off hard disk: Never, Never->System standby: Never, Never

After that click “Apply” then “OK”


EDIT:  Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface! is verified to work perfectly!

no issues in reading and clearing Twingo phase 2

the test report, here you go…