How to install VOLVO VIDA 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 on Windows 7

Look here: VOLVO VIDA 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 Window 7 installation instruction

VIDA 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 download:

VIDA 2011 Windows 7:

I can confirm that 2011A will work in Windows 7 (Ultimate, BTW). But with the following conditions. You need to run IE8 not 9 (I have found that VIDA just won’t go with 9), minimum RAM is 2G. Should be good to go with that; but since MSSQL, which VIDA requires is such a hog, other conflicting apps could create issues. Volvo obviously recommends that a VIDA box be used exclusively for that purpose with no other apps installed. Realistically, I have also installed MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and Lightroom, and some Nikon software without creating a problem.

Now with all that said, I have found VIDA2010D to be a wee bit quicker despite no obvious differences between it and 2011A other than the expanded data set to cover the new models. Functionality-wise there is no difference between the two so I have opted for the better performance since I’m running it on a boat anchor 6 year old Dell Inspiron 1300.

VIDA 2012 Windows 7:

Turn out the DICE unit I purchased is a cheaper version that uses some non-standard driver (CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller available here:…CPDrivers.aspx) that I had to find and install myself. It also would not work on Windows 7 Pro, I had to install to XP mode which was an ever bigger pain due to incredible instability. I think the fact that I have an AMD processor and needed a hotfix to even get XP mode to work contributed to it, but if I changed the RAM for XP mode to anything other than 512MB, the virtual PC would reboot constantly. So I had to copy the entire VIDA 2012A DVD to my desktop (about 2 hours) and then modify the installation file to eliminate the 2GB RAM requirement check, and then install VIDA (about 3 hours). VIDA 2012A runs fine with only 512MB RAM, just a lot slower.

If your DICE unit is cheap and has only blue LEDs and when plugged in the Firmware Status LED is solid, you probably are going to need to download that driver to get it to work.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

VIDA 2013D Windows 7:

VIDA 2014D Windows 7:

Link to VIDA 2014D:

Computer requirement:

System :Windows 7 PRO


CPU: above 2.0

Memory: 2GB

Steps to install VIDA 2014D:

Step 1: Install Winrar362
Step 2: Install IE9
Step 3: Install VIDA 2014D Configuration
Step 4: Install VIDA 2014 Patch
Step 5: Install Volvo Dice Driver
Step 6: Run VIDA Self Test & Diagnose Cars

VIDA 2015A Windows 7:

Link to VIDA 2015A:

volvo dice 2015a installation tips:

  1. require a laptop made after the year 2012 with core i5+ and cpu 4gb+
  2. require the browser IE 11
  3. require the disk C with more than 60gb available to install sw
  4. must copy sw from the cd to the local disk in the laptop

(might fail to install vida if users run sw from the disk)

  1. must insert the usb key when running files for installation
  2. Reboot laptop, after install both Vida Dice 2015A software and Volvo Vida Dice 2015A patch
  3. User Name: admin or 1


Volvo VIDA 2015A Download + Windows 7 Install + Car List Download

Windows 7 32 desgined for VIDA software: