How to recode 07 525ix process using NCS Expert?

Bought the BMW 07 525ix had a black I drive screen.
Checked all grounds and fuses and B+ at the head unit.

Bought a Head Unit with the same part number, plugged it in and the screen lit up with most info available, But the sound for the radio was not there.

Hooked up the can cable and got a read out on all the onboard control units the print out showed all OK , but two modules showed the wrong VIN Number.
I also am getting a message ” Head UNit Not Coded Correctly”.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to change the Vins on the Two Modules which are contained in the head unit.

Not having coding knowledge this was very frustrating.

I tried Winkfp and got nowhere.

Talked to one mechanic who said I need Icom B and the fiber optic adaptor to program the head unit.

Went to the BMW dealer who scoffed and said you can’t install a used unit at all because it was locked to another Vin number,

So if I can get some help it would be greatly appreciated.



Have the correct OBD cable and Winkfp, Tool 32, BMW Coding Tool, NCS Expert, etc on my laptop.
Could someone guide me thru the recoding process using the least difficult program.


How to use ncsexpert?

1. Ncs Expert
2. Load ExpertMode
3. F1
4. F3
5. E60
6. CAS
7. F6 (BACK)
8. F4 Cappl
9. F2->SG_Codieren->ok
10. F3
11. F1 CHOST
12. F3
13. F1 CAUDI
14. F3
15. F1 CTUNE
16. F3
17. F1 CGATE
18. F3