How to solve MPPS V21 Locked

For those with MPPS V21 locked issues:


Mpps v21 clone has been released for a few months, but many feedback their Mpps cables can be working at first but locked after a few days. PC cannot detect Mpps software anymore.


To solve MPPS V21 locked:


Better go to Mpps v18 software crack:

Have tested for times, version 18 software is best for Mpps v21 hardware

That is, you’ll risk using mpps v21 software on its hardware

So, please use mpps v18 software on mpps v21 hardware, to avoid locked issues.

As for Mpps v21 software, FORGET IT!!


SORRY to all.



What else you better know for you Mpps cable:


Mpps v21 best price: 85 euro


Mpps v21 reviews:


Mpps v18 reviews:


Why mpps v18 CLONE, not mpps v18 ORIGINAL:


Mpps v18 PCB schematic:


Mpps v18 windows 7:


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