How to synchro EWS-DME for 2002 BMW X5 with ICOM BMW and HDD software?

Try to synchro EWS-DME for 2002 BMW X5 ( E53) Engine M62 using ICOM BMW and HDD software from China.


If your Icom and ISTA combination is running well , you can try this :

1. Make a deep diagnostic with ISTA D – to exclude other problems and causes – and delete all what you can delete in EWS and DME
2. Take ISTA P and make a codification (and/or programming) of your EWS. the re-codification should do the job.
(its recoding all the with each other connected modules for this segment and should take his new data from there.

If this don’t works (and then this have a causa outside of the normal circumstances) you will need a deeper working tool
to program the EWS with the VIN of the car. (at example XPROG)

then exist some tools with own software that do this synchros, but they are using own hardware and are for the “onetime-case” not your solution.