How to Use BMW iCOM Funticon by CGDI Tool

CGDI BMW V3.0.1 has added ICOM function which can replace the BMW ICOM with CGDI device. This article mainly share the guide to use this new function.

Part 1: Free download CGDI BMW V3.0.1

Make sure your CGDI prog BMW update to V3.0.1 or above

Free download link:!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w

Part 2: How to use ICOM function

There are two ways to install ICOM function.

Tools need:

CGDI prog BMW key programmer


BMW ICOM software ISTA (incl.other engineering software)

After install ICOM function, remember to update authorization manually

Method 1: Install original ICOM software and CGDI BMW software on the same computer. Connect CGDI BMW device to car and computer, open the ICOM function to use.
Method 2: Install original ICOM software and CGDI BMW software on different computers. To work this way, you need to close the CGDI computer firewall and make sure connect the two computers to same LAN or WiFi. After that, connect CGDI prog BMW to car.
It is recommended to install original ICOM software and CGDI BMW software on the same computer.

Please kindly notice:

1.This ICOM function currently can work on Windows 7/8/10, but doesn’t support Windows XP system.
2.Turn off this feature and reopen the connection whenever there is a problem.
3.When there is a “registration failure”, please close the page and open again.

4.When turned on the ICOM software, it may pop-up a notice whether to run the “sipd.exe”. Please click “Yes” otherwise will fail the registration and cannot work properly.
5.When it appears “Registered Successful·······”, it indicates this function is ready, and can be connected to use.

Main steps to use CGDI BMW ICOM function:

Here take the following IP as an example

IP: and IP:

1.EasyConnect connection

2.ISTA connection

3.E_sys software connection

In detail…

1.EasyConnect connection

If CGDI and EasyConnect are installed on same computer, just input IP address of your current computer (here is

If these two software are installed on different computers, please enter the IP address of CGDI software. Follow the three steps marked in the picture below to connect.

When connect successfully, it will shows in different ways.

Picture 1 means connection successfully for same computer.

Picture 2 means connection successfully for different computers

2.ISTA connection

Enter ISTA software, select Operations-> New-> Read out vehicle data, and then click Complete identification

If it’s a BMW E-series model, it will only appear the connection method in the first column.

If it’s a BMW F-series type, it will show two connections methods.

Note: It’s better to connect the one with the frame number. If the connection method showing the frame number does not appear, please turn off the ICOM function and open again to perform the previous operation.

1.When read auto information successfully, it will show as below:

2.When the ISTA software has not appeared message for a long time, and appears an error message, and the data also has been sent and received on the interface, it maybe caused by network. Please disable this function, and use another better network such as hotspot on your mobile phone.

3.E_sys software connection

Follow the three steps in the following picture to connect

Note: For the IP address in the second step, please input the IP address of the computer installed with CGDI software, and the port number is fixed at 6801.

For example, if IP address of the machine is, then change the IP address into TCP :// as picture above.

Read vehicle information successfully

If failed to connect, a connection error message will show as below. Please turn off the ICOM function and reopen the connection.

That’s all!