How to use BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA/P Expert mode (most detail)

  1. What is BMW ICOM Reigngold software Expert Mode?

BMW ICOM with Expert Mode/ Developer Mode enables BMW users and technician much more coding and programming possibilities, like self-leveling suspension, side airbags for rear passengers, automatic operation of tailgate, remote closing windows etc functions. The ICOM Reigngold software is compatible multi BMW ICOM hardware (BMW ICOM A1, BMW ICOM A2 and BMW ICOM A3).

  1. How to open BMW ICOM Expert Mode?

BMW ICOM software HDD comes with default Expert Mode, you can use it directly.

  1. How to use BMW ICOM ISTS-D ISTA/P Expert Mode?

ObdTool here provides most detail picture instructions on how to use BMW ICOM ISTA/P Expert Mode.

Equipment example:

2014.12 BMW ICOM Reigngold ISTS-D ISTA/P software

Super version BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic and programming hardware

Install and run BMW ICOM ISTS-D ISTA/P diagnostic software

ICOM expert Mode 1

Select ISTA/P server

ICOM expert Mode 2 ICOM expert Mode 3 ICOM expert Mode 4

Process control units

ICOM expert Mode 5 ICOM expert Mode 6

Following is the control module available list. ISTA/P server will detect what control modules should be re-programmed or re-coded automatically.

ICOM expert Mode 7 ICOM expert Mode 8 ICOM expert Mode 9

Click immediate measures to hide or enable all actions

ICOM expert Mode 10

You are able to edit these plans that do not need to be programmed in order to save time.

ICOM expert Mode 17 ICOM expert Mode 11 ICOM expert Mode 12 ICOM expert Mode 13 ICOM expert Mode 14 ICOM expert Mode 15 ICOM expert Mode 16

When complete all programming procedure, ICOM ISTA/P will automatically generate Final report.

ICOM expert Mode 18