How to use Crack ODIS 4.23 with HQ VAS5054, Wifi VAS6154 & VXDIAG Nano 5054?

Engineer test the Crack ODIS 4.23 works great with the HQ VAS5054,Wifi VAS6154 and VXDIAG VCX Nano 5054 via USB and Wifi.

The source of ODIS 4.23 and the compatible interfaces:

Crack ODIS 4.23 (Pros: with keygen & doesn’t need to active)

HQ VAS5054

Wifi VAS6154

VXDIAG VCX Nano 5054


ODIS 4.23 Test reports:

DTC memory…OK


Output Diagnostic Test Mode…OK

basic setting …OK

coding …OK

coding bus master …OK

measured values …OK

adaptation …OK

Access authorization …OK


ODIS 4.23 License:


FAW Volkswagen…OK

Shanghai Volkswagen…OK

Skoda …OK


*All license can be installed in one same computer.


* Install Crack ODIS 4.23 with HQ VAS5054:

OS: Windows 7 client on existing systems until 2019 or acquire the Windows 7 client from IT Client Support for replacement devices.

Youtube Video:


* Install Crack ODIS 4.23 with VAS6154 via USB & Wlan:

Works on Windows 10, win7.

Youtube Video:


* Install Crack ODIS 4.23 with Vxdiag vcx nano 5054 via UBS & Wifi:

Works on Windows 7 8 10

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