(Important)BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P using tips

Following post is on what important using tips users should pay attention to when using BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P, these tips are based on many users experience and feedback. Hope it helps no matter you already own ICOM or plan to own one.

BMW ICOM Requirements to the computer:

  • Reset the computer system date and time to the current time
  • Set to achi mode
  • Advise you use Lenovo or Dell with CPU 2.0 above and memory with 4GB.
  • OS: It depends on which version of BMW Rheingold ICOM interface run.

Otherwise the ICOM will freeze when boot.

When EasyConnect is processed done?

Only you get following picture can it means EasyConnect is processed done.

Software Update:

Please do not update ICOM, otherwise it will not work, for example when I click “Diagnose” the system will get prompt saying “send email to obtain ISTA/D license, license warning.”, then the diagnostic function and programming not work. The solution is to send back main unit to the supplier.

easyconnect well done

Firmware update:






Note: If you fail to download the links, please contact us sales@eobdtool.co.uk , we will share you via Internet.

Super ICOM firmware installation video demo:

ICOM or ICOM A2 fails to work on old BMW (one system or new car)

If you find ICOM or ICOM A2 fail to work on old BMW or one system or new car, just disassemble ICOM

and test this 39K resistance. Another reason is unstable voltage.

39k resistance

How to reset the language you want:

Reset the language is possible, some customer feedback they receive the ICOM hardware and find the language is not they want, but don’t know how to reset. Just open diagnostic software ISTA/P, and then click this “Tool” icon to reset shown as follows.

change language

Using 2015.8 Windows7 BMW ICOM HDD (Item No. SS151-8B), get error message “The screen resolution is insufficient to run this application”, how to fix?

ista-p warning


After open ISTA-P, click “Reset settings”, then close, open again ISTA-P, click “ Reset Settings” then reset “Resolution”.

Check your computer system resolution setting, make sure it is as the same as the ISTA-P resolution setting.

 reset settings

 reset settings (SS151-8B)

Using ICOM 2015.7 ISTA-D 3.50.10 ISTA-P (Item No. SS151-7) and these function displays gray, ISTA-D is working, ISTA-P is not working, how to do?

 icom gray not work

Possible reason: Your exit ISTA-P then directly turn off the computer, it results in the software is damaged. Normally, you are required to exit the software then follow the general procedure to turn off the computer.

Solution: Now, the solution is to send the software back to repair.

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