Initiate Coding Problem with ESYS Software PsdZdata 46.3 (fixed)

Recently, I asked for help initiate coding with ICOM A2 in an auto forum, and bros are so kind to help settle it. I want to share it with you here, also.
My car is a 2011 535i and I have the ENET cable and ESYS SOFTWARE PsdZdata 46.3 installed on a laptop with 64bit Win7. Plugged the cable to laptop, turned ignition on and the laptop was able to confirm communication with car. But when I open E-Sys and click connect tab, window opens but the “target” window is blank. So I do not know what I should do next?  
This is the solution provided by a nice bro from the forum.
initiate coding with ICOM A2

More than likely the “dist” are folders missing from your installation. The folders should be empty, but they need to be there.

So, make sure that there is a “Dist” folder in each of the Chassis (F01/F10/F25) folders etc.:
e.g. “C:ESysDatapsdzdatamainseriesF010F010_12_03_51 1odxdist”:

Also, make sure E-Sys Data Path is set properly.

Go into E-Sys = > OPTIONS => SETTINGS => PROGRAM TAB => DIRECTORIES and set the PSDZdata path to to C:ESysData:

With the help of him, I finally got ESys and all required PSDZ data installed in the correct folders . Initiated software and was able to recognize car without any error messages. I have tried coding yesterday. Nice!!!
I post my results. Special thanks to shawnsheridan for the expertise and guidance!