BMW Rheingold ISTA/P get error 9420 63031 63014, how to solve?

If you get ISTA/P error 9420/ 63031 and/or 63014, please try following working solution:

ista p error

  1. Exit ISTA/P programming dialogue.
  2. Disconnect BMW ICOM from car
  3. Disconnect car battery for 10mins
  4. Reconnect car battery and open ISTA/P
  5. Turn on ignition
  6. Reconnect Icom to the car
  7. Choose “ICOM” in the ISTA/P connection manager
  8. Open ISTA/P programming dialogue.

If the problem stills the same, try following steps:

1) Exit ISTA/P.

2) make sure repair factory do not have activated programming task

3) Restart programming device (pc, ISID or ISIS)

4) Try another one ICOM to open ISTA/P, connect ICOM to car and make sure the ignition on.

  1. If problem still the same, send log file to the seller.