LCM Coding with NCS for ICOM A2 (SOLVED)

Here I post my light control module codes first, by NCS Expert tool and BMW ICOM A2.

A few items I would like to code is: fogs on with high beams, low beams for DRL, and euro flashers. I would also like the blinker to flash three times with one push, but read this is not possible.

BMW ICOM HDD V2015.7 BMW Rheingold ISTA-D 3.50.10 ISTA-P Multi-language
This is a list of changes I have made on an E53 on the LCM module:
1- Fogs on with high beams.

2- No DRL’s
TAGFAHRLICHT_ECE – nicht_aktiv

I wan’t my low beams as DLR’s and this, AL_ALS_DRL – aktiv, is supposed to do that, but when I activate this (nicht_aktiv is factory), all my lights come on as DRL’s. It’s like I have my head light switch on. Still working on this ATM. This might work out OK on a bi-xenon equipped e53.

3- No gong when key is in ignition

4- For those with bi-xenon….. High beams on with bi-xenon
PWM_FL_BIX – wert_01

5- Euro Flashers. This only works for the hazards, I have not figured out how to make this work on the turn signals. This one is cool!
WARNBLINKER – change einfachimpuls to doppelimpuls


Install NCSDummy (which has translations for most of this stuff) also when install INPA pack.
Look in C:/NCSEXPER/Translations.csv file for some help.

ps: NCS Dummy for reference


I have successfully coded my LCM this morning!! With software NCS and diagnostic tool BMW ICOM A2!! Using NCS expert, I simply change the active value to not active or vise versa. The challenging part is finding what to change. Little things like turning the dong off for the head lights being on (I put this back). I also managed to get the DRL’s off, but I am still trying to figure out how to get the low beams on as DRL’s. I think I’ve got this figured out for the most part.

Especially post it for help.