Low cost BMW diagnostic tools for 2010 F10 530d

 This post aims to recommend the best low cost BMW diagnostic tools for 2010 f10 530d.

Car model:

2010 f10 530 d

BMW diagnostic tools recommended:

BMW Rheingold

BMW C110 scanner

BMW C310 scanner


The recommended BMW diagnostic tools feedbacks:

BMW Rheingold feedback:

Newest V2015.10 ICOM HDD Win8 System ISTA-D 3.51.31 ISTA-P

Rheingold is the thing to have for F10 diagnostics. I’m using Rheingold and it is ok. Rheingold is essentially the BMW service network software packages

Clunky search but otherwise seems to have some good workshop info too, if you can dig through the 100’s of search results.

BMW Creator C110 scanner Feedback:

Creator c110-2

The C110 scanner is quite a useful gadget to have – they do different versions of it, so you need to check whether it is the correct one for your model, but is very reasonably priced. It wont power up individual components like some of the more expensive scanners will, but does enable sensor outputs to be read – such as engine temp, boost pressure, DPF back pressure etc etc

BMW Creator C310 scanner feedback:

Creator C310 BMW scan tool

BMW C310 is for later BMWs, C310 add the “oil light reset” function compared with C110 scanner. I have 1999 BMW E36 convertible and have problem that AirBag light on for a long time, then I ordered a Creator C310 as well as a engine bay round connector – BMW 20pin to obd2 16 Pin Connector $6 free shipping, then it picked up the error (Driver Seat Belt Buckle) and cleared it without any issues. This tool is able to update online. Once you get it, plug it into the computer and update it.  One friend has one for over a year and has a few updates.

The C110/C310 are BMW specific unlike Autel/iCarsoft

BMW INPA Feedback:


Some users recommend the Bavarian Technic which isway out of most peoples price range and you can get INPA / DIS for only £30.

Case study: Someone feedback “he has the INPA /DIS problem its a monster program, plus it never ran than well on my Win8.1 Pro always serious lag in program… “

Solution: use an old XP laptop to run it on only cost me £20.

This is from OBD2 Diagnostic Tool website Auto Diagnostic Tools technical support:Low cost BMW diagnostic tools for 2010 F10 530d