Mercedes-Benz DTS Monaco: Update, How to use with MB SD C4 DOIP

The DTS Monaco software works with V2019.9 MB SD C4 plus has been updated to V8.13.029, and the database is equipped with the latest 2019 version.

V2019 MB SD C4 plus starts DOIP activation mode perfectly

DOIP SD C4 plus MB programs HU5 multimedia system fast

DTS Monaco edits workspace:

DTS Monaco supports coding vehicle control system, opening iDrive function, modifying and adding.

How to use MB SD C4 DOIP with DTS Monaco video:

Note: incl. making projects workspace by DTS Monaco

CBF and SMR-D both are access Licenses files.

CBF is available for old cars, includes 117, 156, 163, 164, 166, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 176, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 245, 246, 230, 231, 251, 292, 240, 450, 451, etc.

SMR-D is suitable for new cars, includes 205, 253, 222, 453, etc.

CFF and SMR-F are programming files. CFF file is corresponding to CBF programming file, and SMR-F is corresponding to SMR-D programming file.

SMR-D file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\ Kontexte\ODXProjekte\PKW_COMMON\dbr

CFF and SMR-F file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ Mercedes-Benz\SDFlash\Release\PKW

DTS Monaco vs. Vediamo:

Function DTS Monaco Vediamo
Entire vehicle setting code one-click save Yes No
Entire vehicle control unit software number one-click save Yes No
Read entire vehicle fault code Yes No
Data exchange Yes No
Quick test Yes No
Single control unit one-click setting code offline Yes No
Offline programming Yes Yes
Increase or decrease SA code Yes Yes
Personalized setting control unit parameters Yes Yes

Mercedes- Benz DTS Monaco Functions:

Mercedes- Benz DTS Monaco can easily achieve reading faults, clearing faults, adding and modifying, low-replacement vehicles with high-end, comfort configuration change, coding, iDrive coding and real vehicle modification test.

ECU data exchange (write data)

212 Install electric folding mirror (instrument code)

212 Airbag unlock

212 Turn off start/ stop function

212 Opening corner auxiliary light

212 Keyless entry modification

212 Turn off engine fault light

212 Turn off the seat belt sound reminder

Car dash display language change

Temperature change from Fahrenheit to Celsius

212 Open sound and light synchronization

212 Change ESP computer classis number

212 Day and night driving lights lit at night

212 Change the number of blinking lights

212 Install electric tailgate (gateway code)

212/ 218 Add original atmosphere light (gateway code)

212 Low with headlights update to advanced headlights (Dashboard code) )

212 Low with headlights update to advanced headlights (Pre-SAM code)

205 Add folding mirrors (gateway code )

205 Add seat memory (gateway code )

205/222 Add fragrance system (air conditioning code)

2015/222 Add electric tailgate, kick function (gateway code)

205/222 Add original keyless entry (KG computer code)

205 Add reverse image (gateway code)

205/222 Turn off start/ stop function (SAM code)

Change the center screen boot image

205 Sound and light synchronization (Reversing radar code)

Cancel adblue system

166 Completely eliminate the urea system

GL350 engine computer firmware number: 0064467140

Cancel the cff software number of the urea: 6429027501, 6429031605, 6429040200

GL350 engine computer firmware number: 6429011500

Cancel the cff software number of the urea: 6429027501, 6429037107, 6429040200

ML350 engine computer firmware number: 0064467140

Cancel the cff software number of the urea: 0104482940, 0104482940, 6429023501, 6429027501

DTS Monaco is good to use for new SD connect C4 with programming additions and modifications, Low-to-Change and High-Off, Turn on/off some functions of the vehicle. The most important thing is that these functions do not require online operation, more stable and convenient.

That’s all!