MPPS V21 Clone Reviews: Blocked! Go to MPPS V18

Mpps v21 review: locked interface after ecu flash more than for 10 times around. That is, MPPS V21 clone failed!



MPPS V21 locked interface: 

I did not launch V21 software,
I tried with V18 software, but it is always “ECU not found” on more cars
I tried to change speed, driver but nothing
I got the joints together and did not work again
It’s junk from the device

i have problems here with 2 Mpps v21.
1. the first one worked for 10 read%write. Seller told me that I didn’t install it ok. Bs
2. the second started it with v18 and will not find any ecu.
I will ask paypal for my money back.

my mpps v21 arrived only worked few day now locked

PC not detect anymore


Mpps v21 review: (it’s mpps v18 actually)

– The tool works as it is designed for… R/W ECU without issues.


– The cable is a nice quality OBD male cable, it looks like many ones, but it’s a true EU Clone MPPS V21 fully open (Tricore, MultiBoot, OBD). Tricore cable adaptor looks like many ones too, but very well made!
– Of course I did but he neglected to listed like everyone else, so were sending him a new cable like people who had the issue before it was determined. Anyways everyone who had there cable burned we replaced and there using MPPS v18 with no issues. MPPS v21 was NO big update, it was just a timebomb and released solely for the purpose of killing clones


– The tool was initially sold as MPPS v18, before we knew about the timebomb amt put inside of MPPS v21 we had told users they could update, our mistake. Although every user who had issue with a dead cable was sent a free cable replacement overnight to them via fedex. No one was left in the dark and everyone was contacted and post was made telling everyone about the timebomb and to not use MPPS v21, only MPPS v18. This thread should be closed as the problem has been resolved for all parties involved.


– I also received a replacement cable. Now it works ok with latest v18 version.
But i did not receive any notification, not to use it with mpps v21.
Actually it was sold with a privillage of being able to work with mpps v21.
Also, not true about no differences with mpps v21.
mpps v18 doesn’t support EDC17C64, which is the main reason i purchased the tool in the first place.
So now i am hoping you will remove the timebomd from the v21 and receive the update in the next few months.


– It’s shipping with MPPS v18 clone at the moment, we’re still working on mpps v21. Everything is working properly with the shipped sw



with mpps v21, you definitely have locked issues. but it doesn’t mean mpps v18 has no locked issues.

with mpps v18, you have 1:100 chance of locked issues. it’s normal for cheap chinese crap tools. but it can be solved if it is mpps v18:

here, share a working solution of MPPS V18 blocked when writing back EDC17CP04, with “bad checksum error” message:

(Solved) MPPS V18 VAG EDC17CP04 Blocked Writing



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