MPPS V21 Software WORKED on MPPS V18 Hardware:100%

Thread: new MPPS V21 software on old MPPS V18 hardware?


Definitely YES!

MPPS v21 software now can be used with MPPS cables with PCBs shown in the link:


with the three versions of MPPS pcb, you can use v21 software for flash

if not, better not flash MPPS v21


MPPS V21 Software Download:

MPPS V21 Car List Download:


MPPS V18 Software Download on Mega:

MPPS V18 Car List Download:


MPPS V21 Manual:

MPPS V18 User Manual:


MPPS V21 software + MPPS V21 hardware: 100% working

The newest MPPS v21 PCB comeswith better protection components (imported, not made by Chinese),  improved a lot according to the issues of mpps cable from customers feedback


Hope it helps.